TREND REPORT, the best avant-garde and innovative trends from latest fashion weeks (part 2)

From the latest fashion weeks, here the second part of the trend report to see the most avant-garde fashion trends for spring/summer 2018.

Continue our trip to discover the most innovative and strange trends seen during the last fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Very different cities in character and mood, but that have in common more than can appears in fact of fashion. 

While NewYork and Milan are more linear and clean about style, more attentive to customers and voted to market, Paris and London leaves more freedom to fashion designers and is there that we can see the most extravagant and courageous creations, often so poetic and magnificent. 

But the best thing demonstrated in the last few years, a real pleasure for us lovers of fashion and creativity, is that all this cities have understood the big importance of young generations and finally started to support young designers and emerging brands. Backed by the official fashion system, this guys have finally the opportunity to emerge and show all their talent.

As other more renowned brands also them are following some interesting trends. In the previous post we have started speaking about tartan checks, metallized effects, frills and flounces, parachute silhouettes, leg of mutton sleeves, curved lines and crochet technique. Now the second part.

Multicolored, wide or thin, straight or diagonal, you will see a lot of stripes next summer. The classic black and white duo has a strong character in the wide stripes by ALBINO TEODORO and MAISON DE FAUX while is more elegant in the thin version by MOON YOUNG HEE and TONI MATICEVSKI or more rock for JUNYA WATANABE. Mix of colors for ANTONIIO MARRAS, ANDRE WALKER, DURO OLOWU, FYODOR GOLAN, CYNTHIA & XIAO at FASHION GUERRILLA show and JAMIE WEI HUANG, Y-PROJECT. Bold effects in the runways of V-FILES, MARQUES ALMEIDA and THOM BROWNE. A touch of blue or orange for LRS, HOUSE OF HOLLAND, TSUMORI CHISATO, ISSEY MIYAKE, RICHARD MALONE and MASHA MA.

The new way to wear jeans is absolutely tailormade and this is the favorite fabric of many cutting-edge designers. The discolored effect and light-colored denim are proposed by MARQUES ALMEIDA, NEHERA, UNRAVEL, MOON YOUNG HEE and ESTEBAN CORTAZAR. Jackets and dresses are filled with ruffles by LEAL DACCARETT and JAMIE WEI HUANG, couture details from KENAXLUNG at FASHION GUERILLA show, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN and ANTONIO MARRAS. Ripped, cutted and second hand by GIPSY SPORT, FAUSTINE STEINMETZ and the young VENUS LO, student of the Parsons School of Fashion.

The most classic of the shirts, the white one or those with small stripes, now have new proportions and choose the length to manifest all their character trasforming into dresses and small chemisiers. The sleeves become too long (ESTEBAN CORTAZAR, GIPSY SPORT, ANDRE WALKER), the dresses become long shirts to wear in the evenings or even for weddings (VERA WANG, BROGNANO), but they are really perfect for the day (CHALAYAN, ANDREAS KRONTHALER for VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, LUTZ HUELLE, ASAI at FASHION EAST) and are also worn by men as a dress (NIHL from Parsons School of Fashion, VAQUERA)

With globalization now the world has no boundaries and although we are experiencing a generalized crisis and small and big conflicts and tensions, with their artistic sensibility fashion designers manifest the will of union and peace through their inspirations. That view  in the runways is an urban and global tribe that blends elements drawn from the ethnic traditions of various countries. Inspiration China, including tigers, dragons, traditional landscapes and silks for YEOHLEE, CFDA, ANGEL CHEN, MARQUES ALMEIDA, NAMILIA, MING YUE or HEYI at FASHION SHENZEN show, YOHJI YAMAMOTO and ADAM LIPPES.  

Always on eastern, but more minimal and zen, are inspired UJOH, THE SIRIUS, CLAUDIA LI, V FILES, RICK OWENS, UMA WANG, NEHERA, GIPSY SPORT, ANDRE WALKER and DI GAO, young designers from Parsons School of Fashion, which presented a capsule collection inspired by the oriental architecture tradition transfigured in wearable technology. 

South America's warm atmospheres are instead on the catwalks of TSUMORI CHISATO and DELPOZO, the preciousness of the arabesque decorations is present in MARC JACOBS fashion show, while we have seen African and Aboriginal rhythms and colors in the creations of SADIE WILLIAMS, ASAI and MATTY BOVAN at FASHION EAST show, ANTONIO MARRAS, ESTEBAN CORTAZAR. True global designer, inspired by the Earth Planet in its entirety is ISSEY MIYAKE, which reports the earth's geography in magnificent prints on technological and pleated fabrics.

Maybe the designers know the weather forecasts well in advance and the next spring/summer will be particularly cold, or we are seeing the usual creative follies. However, next season we will be dressed in feathers, which will decorate with joy the TSUMORI CHISATO and HUISHANG ZHANG clothes, with a touch of coquetry the creations by DELPOZO, THE BLONDS, MARQUES ALMEIDA, NAMILIA and the young designers of PROJECT RUNWAY, while will be a important conceptual decorations for MAISON MARGELA, V FILES, UNDERCOVER and ANN DEMEULEMEESTER

Halfway between fetishism, hyper decorative style and comfort is this trend that wants everything tied with laces, bows and parts of clothes that knot or twist around the body. Ribbons, bands and lashes force the body and clothing into unusual positions, closing the silhouette that seems to retreat in itself (THE SIRIUS, CHRISTOPHER KANE, MAISON DE FAUX, ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, ANREALAGE, NEHERA). Large knotted bows decorate the dresses and tops of LEAL DACARETT, XIAO LI, A.F. VANDEVORST, CLAUDIA LI and VAQUERA. The sleeves of jackets, shirts and sweaters knotted as when we throw them on the shoulders with a certain nonchalance, instead become  the decorative parts of dresses and suits by Y-PROJECT, SACAI, ESTEBAN CORTAZAR, MARC JACOBS and LUCIO VANOTTI.

The lightest of fabrics, tulle, will become a real cloud next season. Used in large quantities to create soft and voluminous effects, this fabric will be curled and placed in small tufts with a three-dimensional and texturized effect (NOIR KEI NINOMIYA and THOM BROWNE), will give life to soft flounces overlayed that will float to each movement (PROJECT RUNWAY, PAM HOGG, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, OFF-WHITE, BROGNANO), will have large balloon shapes or will become foamy mantels (MATICEVSKI, UNRAVEL, TONI MATICEVSKI). Or they will be light and delicate brushstrokes in the dress-painting of the very young CAROLINE HU, from Parsons School of Fashion.

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