12 avant-garde fashion shows at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA you should see (part 3)

Third and last appointment with all the young talented students of the best Italian fashion schools  we met at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA.

It's always a pleasure to have the chance to know young brilliant minds, be touched by their vivid imagination and live the emotion of their first fashion shows.  
What emerged by Fashion Graduate Italia is a strong and courageous vision of the future. We've seen dystopian universes, fluid sex genders, historical references, sculptoreal dresses, poetic feelings and positive energies. 

Today I want to present you all the stunning creations of the young designers coming from:

One of the most ancient schools of Italy, since 1776 ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI DI BRERA is the emblem of art and culture internationally renowned. The school's strenght is the focus on pure creativity and through its 3-years bachelor courses and 2-years MA courses, its students can soon approaching to fashion and costume design with expressive and innovative methods, with great attention given to textile experimentations, but also to communication and fashion culture.

During this event Accademia di Brera presented a group of young designers really talented and creative:
  • FAN YI YANG "Equality among sentient beings": the collection starts from a real life event that involved the designer in the Milan subway. Helped by only an hobo man during an attempted robery, she was impressed by the contrast between the glamour of the city and the poor conditions and damaged clothes of the man, whose serenity can be associated with the Budda's patience. All this concept is transformed into one-sleeve dresses, asymmetries and irregular shapes.
  • SALVATORE MARTORANA & SIMONE BARTOLOTTA "Dark nymphs": a journey in the myth of an enchanted wood, among sirens, muses and goddesses, symbols of an ideal woman strong and dreamy at the same time. A collection that exalts the femal body through transparencies, intricate embroideries, sensual silhouettes and a sophisticated combination of grey and black.
  • GIUSEPPE COTUGNO "Relikt": relic, as simple piece of matter, and relict, as memory of ancient glory now abandoned. Two themes that play together in this sophisticated collection in which classic lines, soft and refined, are influenced by Napolitan popular traditions and are suggestively mixed with modern versions of the relic, transformed into x-ray films, embroidered sacred-hearts and ex-voto.
  • MARTINA CAROSELLA "Paraphilia": the dress becomes like a shell, a protection from external dangers which allows the return to the original completeness and confuses genres. 6 dresses  that express contrasting emotions like slavery, feticism, fun, sufference, pain and pleasure in a unique modern obsession called paraphilia, a psychic abnormality that chases the search of pleasure and satisfaction of insticts.
  • NANDIN ERDENE ''Technology and nature are partners or enemies?'': a collection inspired by contemporary architecture and nature details. Using combination of modern geometric motifs with floral elements and a strong color palette of wine red, teal green, matte grey, sunny yellow and candy pastel pink, adds bright freshness that gives the scene a playful modern unique look. The message that the designer wants to express is that we should stop seeing technology and nature as sparring partners, and start concentrating on helping them to dance.
  • GIULIA FACCIA "Onesizefitsall": trying to overcome the deep sense of discomfort caused by aesthetic stereotypes imposed by our modern society, this collection seen a return to the initial meaning of fashion, in whic a dress was thought as secure refuge for human body. This interesting starting point turns into a no-size concept, with soft leather and wool dresses, made with artisanal and sustainable techniques, that can be adapted to every kind of female body.
  • JING JING LIU "Assenza-mancanza": beauty is not seen by the designer as a universal concept, but can be interpreted in different ways. What can appear imperfect or uncomplete should can be considered beautiful. A collection born dismantling clothes in many pieces and assembling them again to recreate something new.
  • CHENJIE WANG "Whisical space": the collection is inspired by the artist Maurits Conelis Escher and his geometrical construction in continue evolution with concepts of mathematics, geometry and simmetry. With a boyfriend oversize style, the designer creates 3-dimensional female garments with natural materials and surprising laser-cut effects.
  • SARA BEHBUD "Unrepeatable repetition": fashion as union of two opposite impulses, imitation and differentiation, as ethernal return to something already known. Starting by the 70s shapes, bicolor delicate combinations and the use of shiny silk fabrics, the designer gives life to new soft silhouettes and modern fluid lines.
About Accademia di Brera, I want to make a special mention to the fashion and costume designers who presented their creations during the ehxibition, because I found them particularly creative:

DILETTA LODOLA: costume designer who presented a series of accessories designed for the "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, completely handmade retrieving traditional techniques of carded wool manufacture to connect her creations with the natural environment.
MAHNAZ SEYEDEKHTIARY: fashion designer and artist who has already exposed her creations at Biennale di Venezia in 2015 and works connecting natural and city landscapes to human body using fabrics to recreate asphalt effect and other materials.
BAHAR MOSLENZADEH: fashion designer graduated 2 years ago from Accademia di Brera, she presented her colorful sculptoreal dresses directly created on mannequin with the moulage technique, inspired by the Chackra flowers reinterpreted in a modern key. 

Founded in the early Eighties by a pioneristic group of designers in the heart of Milan, considered the epicenter of Italian design,  DOMUS ACADEMY is a leading school in the specializing fashion educational panorama. Concepted as a permanent and multicultural laboratory of creativity in which international professors form students with real-world projects, the school offers master courses in fashion design, styling and communication, thought with worshop based programs, contributing to a more close connection between students and industry.

 For Fashion Graduate Italia, the school made a selection of its 6 best students and ex-students:
  • ADIREG COMENOI "Imperfection rose": art inspiration for a collection that looks at Dada movement and its artists, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Hannah Hoch, who took waste and common objects transforming them into new art pieces. The designer mixes dada elements with punk and gothic reminescenses, creating male garments that can be matched with each other to create unconventional combinations.
  • GIORGIA ROSANO "New hobo": a day in a cosmopolitan city, taking inspiration directly by the people that is running or is taking a coffee or is walking on the street. Simply observing this frenetic world, the designer creates a collection made with floating dresses, oversize coats and knitwear, bright evening dresses, so light and nonchalante.
  • GYANENDU BARUAH "Nocturnal love": inspired by a documentary on Magdalene House, inhabitated by young orphan girls or considered immoral by the prissy society, the collection is divided into two parts. The first presents romanian traditional clothes revisited with a modern touch, the second takes feticish aestethics and subversive ideas from Dante's hell to underline the connection between young vitality and old repression.
  • KANGLEI WANG "Autysm": inspired by the disease that afflict many children and adults with great communicative difficulties, the collection is made of wide silhouettes that permitted the creation of an intimate space between the body and the external world. Buckels and straps delimitate this space, while obsessive phrases printed on garments and chaotic pattern taken by autystic children's drawings express the desire of communication.
  • TRITTI TARKULWARANONT "Hand me down": inspired by the flowers used as symbol of a strong femininity in the works of two photographers, Ren Hang and Araki Nobuyoshi, and using vintage and second-hand clothes bought on a Milan flea market, the designer cuts and sews again tatters of different stories, already lived by unknown women, to give again life to a new type of fashion, poetic and brutal at the same time.
  • YBEI LIANG "Men-tal-ent": taking inspiration by the avant-gard japanese movie of the Twenties "A page of madness" settled in a mental hospital, the designer analyzes the subconscious images, the nightmares and dreams of the patients in oppostition to the vision of normal people, through sihlouettes that recall the patientes uniforms and the japanese kimonos in colorful printed cotton and silk.

AFOL MODA is a unique reality in the Milan fashion schools panorama, because it's a public entity which offers an high quality professional specialization in fashion design, with particular focus on the technical skills. With annual and short courses, the school prepares its students to all the aspects of fashion jobs, from research and design, to pattern making and tailoring, thanks to theorical activities made by tutors, visiting professors and professionals combined with laboratory and practical excercises. Many AFOL's students found jobs in important fashion brands and won renowned fashion prizes like Mittelmoda and Next Generation.


One of the founder of PSFM (Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda), AFOL MODA presented at Fashion Graduate Italia 6 graduate collections:
  • ALICE RIVA "Liquida": inspired the the homonym graphic novel by Lisa Biggi, the collection is a poetic vision of a rainy day, in which a woman trasforms her problems and thoughts in liquid matter, going beyond the material surface of reality. The idea is realized through transparent surfaces and shiny fabrics that are matched in contrast with black and white solid colors.
  • ANDREA BERGONTI "Metamorphosis, the myth of Kitsune": the opposition of the two souls of the japanese mith of Kitsune, a spirit that can be fox and human at the same time, expressing two different characteristics. The good feelings are represented by geometrical shapes and soft colors, while the bad side is represented by soft shapes and dark tones, in a perennial game between the opposites.
  • CHIARA FORNELLI & LISA RUSCONI "Coconut blue": a dynamic collection thought for a young and feminine woman, designed by the artistic duo interpretating the classic two-pieces and swimsuits with modern geometrical shapes and the contrast between fresh and basic colors like turquoise, turtledove and white.
  • LETIZIA BARBERO "Metaforma": a collection that represents the transformation of matter and shapes, from stasis to dynamism, through the contrast of heavy and shiny fabrics and volumes that increase outfit after outfit to flow at each movement. Black and white are the absolute protagonists and play toghether with embroideries and irregular stains, with some red touch as vibrant interference.
  • PAOLO AND CLAUDIA COLOMBO: a young and contemporary menswear collection that is influenced by street wear and aviation, with technical fabrics and gros-grain ribbons mixed with more traditional men's fabrics like pied de poule and tartan checks, comfy silhouettes and geometrical details.
  • VALENTINA SMIRIGLIA "Le petite moi": the only childrenswear collection presented at the event, is immediately noted for the fresh proposals and its young and tender protagonists. The collection is designed for a chic little girl who loves to play with her mother accessories, with a retro style modernized through minimal lines and unusual combinations of  colors and geometrical patterns.

Founded in 1999, LABA Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Brescia is an interesting school able to combine the long tradition in fashion production of its territory with a vanguard vision. With 3-years Bachelor courses and 2-years Ma courses, the Academy offers a wide range of professional educational paths, that goes from fashion design to graphic and communication. The innovative artistic approach is one of the most interesting characteristic of the school, which gives to its students the technical and cultural knowledges boosting their creativity.

The graduate collections presented by LABA is a bit different from the others, because the school presented a common theme developed by applying the different visions of the students. "InGenesi" is the main concept that wants to recreate the dialogue between body and dress, emphasizing the communicative power of the last one. No more thought as simple respectable armour to protect and hide our identity, now the dress is seen as communicative medium to remove the identity from anonymity, revealing the true essence of each individual towards his own genesis.

Developed in four thematic journeys, "Cross over", "DNA tracce di memoria", "Perpetuum" and "Intimate architecture" the collection's dresses are realized by:


Founded in 1951 in Rome, KOEFIA ACADEMY is one of the most important reference points of the fashion education in Italy, particularly focused on the design and tailoring techniques of Haute Couture. Through 3-years European Bachelor courses and 2-years European Master courses, the students are able to develop the entire design process from the trend research and the sketches, to the patternmaking method based on the moulage technique and the realization of really high quality prototypes. Feather on the cap of the school is also the focus on artisanal techniques such as embroidery, knitting, millinery and accessories. The student's creations are presented every years with an importatn fashion show during the ALTAROMA ALTAMODA event.

KOEFIA ACADEMY graduate collection

At Fashion Graduate Italia, KOEFIA showed the final work creations in an exhibition stand, with clothes learned from a collective collection intitled "LA STRADA/A DENIM STORY", inspired by Fellini's movie, that showed the cruel life and surviving expedients in the great circus of city life. Developed in collaboration with important productive brands like Imatex, Wash Italia, Lectra and the prestigious Maison Balenciaga, the 46 students of the third year worked transforming denim fabric into many amazing creations. 
Here a selection of the best creations by:

ELISA ALESSANDRINI: oversize manipulation of the trousers traditinal pattern to create an "hobo" look enriched by the transparent game of organdy on denim.
CHIARA CALICCHIA: long proportions and movement effects for the knit dress matched with a beautiful denim coat completely embroidered by hand with bold faces and long loose threads.
ANASTASIA DEL VECCHIO: a strong and tribal man who worn with indifference and nonchalance layers of garments apparently disorganized and unfinished
FEDERICA MAGGINI: new-gen radical chic style, with the denim skirt that creates the illusion of a wide leg trousers
FRANCESCA MEDRI: rich embroideries completely handmade framed by a precious baroque decoration and matched to sculptoreal trousers.
MANUELA PANCI: holes, asymmetries and unfinished look for the denim and organdy pieces that reveals unexpected details and high mastery tailoring
CLAUDIA PORCU: a new way to use fur, which become a colorful touch and a houndstooth pattern effect on the surface of denim just covered by organdy (so modern!)
ZHU YUN-ZHU: avant-gard look for the total white outfit builted with architectural shapes and gentled by 3-dimensional knit and fur.

The journey to discover the most amazing creations proposed by the young designers of the future seen at Fashion Graduate Italia is just finished. We've seen innovation, experimentation but also a return to tradition and artisanal techniques.  I want to thank all the schools supported me with materials and informations. And in particular I want to thank all the young girls and boys who have been available their creations and their talent to rebuild a better future for Italian fashion!

Dear reader, if you want to know more about fashion school world stay tuned! 
Really soon we will start with a series of articles to exlpain how to choose the better school for you and we'll make a comparation among all the best schools of Italy.