Focus on fashion schools: glamour and innovation at FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL

Today we start a long journey that will lead us to discover the most important Italian fashion schools, a sort of comprehensive guide for aspiring new designers. Here everything you should know about FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL in Milan.

After seeing the 15 criteria to choose the perfect fashion school (here the first part and here the second), I’ve decided to begin this long path to better know the great realities of fashion educational system in Italy from FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL, because I recently had the opportunity to visit their headquarter and have an interesting conversation with the two holders, Silvia Ferrari and Matteo Andreacchio.
Two professionals with a particular twinkle in their eyes when speaking about their school and students. Making a chat with them was instantly clear that fashion education in not only a simple job. It’s a matter of passion.

Silvia Ferrari with her students

FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL was founded in 2001 near Milan, in a quite small city called Lodi. At the beginning the possibilities were a bit limited, with the most students coming from the province and a great distance from the real capital of fashion that is Milan. But there was professionalism and desire to stand out, so they decided to compare their expertise to the modern method of an international school like the Parsons in New York, to make an important change. 
Move to Milan and open a new school in 2013, in the heart of Milan Fashion District, based on an innovative vision. Not a traditional school, but a multifunctional space designed to be similar to real fashion house, with laboratories and wide informal open-space rooms in which the students of different courses can meet, collaborate and exchange ideas.

Students work together in a wide multifunctional open-space

Thanks to its big values, like professionalism, quality, ethics and passion, and the serious approach to education and work, FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL became in a few years one of the most renowned schools in Italy.
Let’s start our exploration of the school and of its educational offer.

The school offers a wide range of professional courses (annual, biannual or triennial), masters (from 5 month to 1 years) and short courses.
For aspiring fashion designers, stylist and photographers there are different pathways:

  • STILISTA DI MODA is a 3-years (or 20-months if intensive) professional course to form a complete figure, able to manage all the various phases of design process, from idea and design to the realization of products and the fashion show.  With a comprehensive educational programs that resume three other courses (Fashion Design, Pattenmaking and Tailoring) and many interesting subjects, this is the perfect course for who wants to know all the world of fashion design and have technical skills in prototyping and communication. 

Stilista di Moda

  • FASHION DESIGN WOMENSWEAR, MENSWEAR AND ACCESSORIES is a 3-years (or 20-months if intensive) professional course more focused on design, trend research and knowledge of fashion system. The student will be able to project entire collections for women, men and accessories with the development of his fashion culture (through subjects like fashion sociology, marketing and research methodology) and technical skills (like illustration, rendering, graphic and textile design).
    Menswear collection by Virginia Silla

Simone Battista's portfolio

  • ACCESSORY –BAGS & SHOES DESIGN is an annual post-graduate course perfect for who wants to become a specialized accessory designer with detailed knowledge about materials, productive and design processes. Great attention is given to computer graphic techniques and the direct contact with the working reality, through meetings with professionals and participation to fairs of the sector.
Bag by Roberta Rapisarda presented at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2017

Shingo Sato

  • FASHION STYLIST & IMAGE CONSULTANT can be a biannual course for beginners or a 9-months master for who have yet an experience in this field. Perfect for who is passionate about fashion world and has good taste in color combinations, outfits and research of fashion trends.
Creation by Cristina Trabattoni

  • With a dedicated photographic set in a part of the school’s buildings, the students of the FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY 3-years professional course or of the 9-months master can study each aspect of photographic art and learn how to emphasize fashion products and the beauty of models through lights and visual effects.

Creation by Giada Alota

Bridalwear Design course

Students are personally followed by teachers chosen among the best professionals of the field of fashion design, production and communication. All the courses  have a student quotas of 10- 15 maximun, release a Diploma or a Attestation of Partecipation and have the QUALITY CERTIFICATION UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 and the school is accreditated by Regione Lombardia,  SISTEMA MODA ITALIA and PSFM (Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda)

A creation by Luca Vho

Visiting the headquarter of the school I had immediately the impression of being in a modern, well-functioning and glamour place. The school is located in Via Savona 97, in the district of showrooms and galleries and it occupies part of 2 buildings. The classrooms are not normal, but wide open-space areas where students can work together. 
Because the principal purpose of the school is to stimulate an interaction between students of different courses, as in a normal fashion house, fashion designers, stylists and photographers collaborate for the success of the final fashion show.

Students and teacher at work in the multifunctional open-space

The extracurricular activities are very important. Visits to sectoral fairs, fashion and art exhibitions, showrooms and fashion companies, to connect students with professionals and real-life situations. The close partnership with industry is another asset of the school. 
Many projects born in collaboration with companies are assigned to students during the path to stimulate their creativity. As in the case of VIBRAM, an international brand specialized in technological shoe soles, which provided the school with a new ecoleather-like rubber for the experimental realization of the student’s final collection, presented at the FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA in November 2017.

Fashion show of the school at Fashion Graduate Italia 2017, with the creations of Ilaria Caterino, Alice Meroni, Silvia Pillitteri , Selene Selmin, Luca Vho, Sveva Parlato and Roberta Rapisarda (from left to right) 

The opportunities for the young students of FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL are a lot and are increasing year-by-year. The final exams of each course, for example, are occasion to show the portfolios to an external commission of professionals, like Sara Maino Sozzani, with real moments of recruitment and scouting. 
In fact the job placement of the school is really high, around the totality of enrolled, both for self-entrepreneur and hired by big names of fashion system (like KERING GROUP). The school’s talents are enhanced also by fashion competitions like the FASHION DESIGN AWARDS by STEPHEN which awarded three students: Roberta Rapisarda, Giorgia Saltarelli and Sveva Parlato.

Fashion sketches by Roberta Rapisarda, Sveva Parlato and Giorgia Saltarelli for the Stephen Fashion Design Award 2017

Among the private fashion academies FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL has extremely satisfactory quality-price index. The courses have an entry fee of € 488, a current range of prices that goes from € 1100 of short master courses, the € 4636 - € 8500 of long masters and the € 7564 – 8418 for year for the professional courses. Final exam fee depends by the courses, but are not very expensive. All the materials, like  textbooks and educational supplies, are included into the cost. 

Very interesting are the facilitations for student, like annual scholarships supported by industries and an agreement with Banca Intesa called “Prestito con Lode”, a soft bank loan based on the scholastic performance of the student.

Fashion sketches by Carmen Mussetti, Erika Furnari and Anna Tymchikova

FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL is one of the most interesting reality I met and, if I had to describe it in a few words I’d say: 

Creation by Francesca Caruso

Via Savona 97, Milano
+39 02 4537 5390


Hoping this post can be useful for aspiring new talents, I’ll wait for you soon with other articles to continue our journey to discover the best fashion schools in Italy.

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