10 new talents to watch at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

The ready-to-wear and women's accessories trade show organized by Pitti Immagine in Milan to present the fall/winter 2019-20 collections, focused its attention on young talents coming from emerging countries, increasingly interesting in stylistic terms. Here, from South America and Armenia, 10 creative and contemporary young fashion designers to watch.

My first time at SUPER 13 by Pitti Immagine, was an unexpected meeting with young emerging designers coming from countries not always internationally recognized for their sartorial tradition. Instead, as the Pitti Immagine organizers understood for a long time, talent is everywhere. So becomes even more important being able to do a great work on scouting and selection of the most interesting designers, to give new life to the ever more congested fashion industry in constant search for novelties.

Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

Once again Sara Sozzani Maino, Head of Vogue Talents and Deputy Editor of Vogue Italia, gives her precious contribution to support these young and talented creatives, collaborating with Pitti Immagine for the creation of a special area called “SUPER TALENTS, New Countries To Watch”. A project that, at each edition, wants to select the most interesting names of unexplored fashion panoramas. This was the time of South America, with 4 new brands coming from Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

Area dedicated at the projects "Countries to Watch" and "Focus Armenia" at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

DOCENA 12 NA is a Chilean creative platform, born a few years ago by the stylistic duo formed by Mechi Martinez and Mariano Breccia. The brand starts from the idea of ​​creative recycling, using pieces of vintage clothing and industrial textile scraps to reassemble deconstructed forms and give new life to what Wester market considers no more worthy of interest. 


The sustainable soul of the label and the production logic based on creativity, improvisation and skillful craftsmanship, mean that the collections features unique pieces made of fabrics every time different, because based on the concept of upcycling, with a street-style flavor mixed, in a fiercely chaotic way, with the classic sartorial tradition.

DOCENA 12 NA at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine (Photo credits: brand's Instagram profile)

The designer Celio Dias, creative soul of the Brazilian brand LED, shows through his collections the political dissent and a revolutionary spirit of social and gender protest, against the even more prevailing barbarism and discrimination. 

LED by Celio Dias

The political message is transformed into slogans, but especially into irreverent shapes, excessive colors and free mixtures of elegance, modernity and creativity without brakes. In his genderless collection, the use of crochet knitwear is particularly interesting, with handmade works that creates confusing patterns, damaged effects, color contrasts and 3-D textures. 
LED by Celio Dias at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

The Brazilian designer Lucas Leäo presented at SUPER a debut collection inspired by Korea in 1945, a country fragmented between two opposing ideologies, but united by the same soul and heritage. 


Starting from a concept of deconstruction and reconstruction, the designer creates contemporary no-gender uniforms, which mix the styles of Korean folk costume, monastic and philosophical austerity, modernity of language, brave and sometimes conflicting chromatic harmonies, as well as the contrast of rigid structures and experimental draping on fabric, that create innovative and sculptural shapes.

LUCAS LEÃO at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

The kaleidoscopic world of Vanesa Krongold comes from Argentina. A mix of acid colors and fluorescent shades that give a vibrant touch to the collection, made of technical garments, small stretch pieces and high-tech inspirations. 
Vanesa Krongold

The shapes, which in themselves are not too complicated, are revitalized and made ultra-modern by high-frequency pixel and glitch prints, patchwork effects, metallic laminations, galactic patterns and ironic motifs that create acolorful, extravagant and absolutely wearable universe.

Vanesa Krongold at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

Super dedicated also space to six young designers coming from the East, carefully selected and brought to Milan in collaboration with the Fashion & Design Chamber of Armenia, in order of giving international visibility to new creative talents, who with their work revitalize the tradition of their country.


Shabeeg is a street-style and sportswear brand that bases its creativity on revisiting the Armenian cultural and iconographic heritage. The collection presented at SUPER 13 was inspired by Cilicia, a territory that became part of the Armenian Kingdom after the Middle Ages, whose tradition is revived through heraldic emblems and intricate motifs taken from ancient manuscripts, which become colored prints on cropped or oversized sweatshirts, t -shirts and shirt dresses.


Z.G. EST, acronym of Zero Gravity Established, is a brand focused on the apparent minimalism of its creations. "Mindfulness" collection, in fact, reveals refined asymmetrical cuts and details that aim to innovate the sartorial tradition through exasperated proportions, starting from the concept of shirt and jacket that are gradually transformed into original and extremely creative pieces, while maintaining a certain minimal sobriety in colors and in the total absence of decorations.

LOOM Weaving

Inga and Elen Manukyan, sisters and designers of the brand LOOM Weaving, brought to Milan a wonderful collection of handmade knitwear, with a voluminous and experimental look. The wide knitted wool sweaters with braids, leitmotifs of their creations, play with empty and full surfaces, creating large holes in the garments’ textures. 

LOOM Weaving at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

The patchwork crochet techniques recall the tradition, but it’s innovated with a contemporary and avant-garde spirit, through asymmetries and special details that turn sweaters and cardigans into absolutely pleasant and original creations.

Vahan Khachatryan

Vahan Khachatryan's creations were a great surprise that stimulating eyes and the mind through refined references to art world. His latest collection, entitled "Metaphysics" is inspired by the work of Giorgio de Chirico, whose paintings are transformed into precious prints decorating the designer's outfits.
Vahan Khachatryan at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

The empty and desolate spaces of the paintings determine also the architectural structures on which is based the construction of the fabric models, which are enriched by geometric and textural pleats, embossed fabrics, assemblages of different surfaces and unusual details. The brave combinations of street-style, artistic elements and deep sense for Haute Couture, bring this designer closer to the great legacy left by Elsa Schiapparelli, both in the aesthetic result and in the stylistic approach.   


Sonya Avagyan, a young Armenian designer, launches her collection for the first time at international level. Starting from studies on sportswear, she transformed the casual shapes in a pop key combining the comfy silhouettes to more precious fabrics, such as satin and velvet. 

Sonya Avagyan at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine

Between padded jackets, t-shirts and bias-cut dresses, what emerges is the chromatic choice, lively and delicate at the same time, with fluorescent touches combined with nude pink and neutrals.

Kivera Nyanomis

Theatricality is certainly not lacking in the luxurious and refined collection of Kivera Naynomis, a designer already very appreciated in the Armenian market. Starting from the classic sartorial tradition, the designer creates a seductive collection, veiled by a touch of mystery given by long fringes, overlapping layers in transparency, three-dimensional effects of pleats and volumes built with organza and chiffon, in a chromatic palette almost totally black, just brightened only occasionally by flashes of white. 

Kivera Nyanomis at Super 13 by Pitti Immagine