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Craftsmanship and romance at “Rome is my Runway” by Altaroma

Articolo di Silvia Della Penna

The last week of January is always one of the important of the year in Rome because of AltaRoma, the kermesse that celebrate young designers that this took place in Guido Reni District.

Altaroma is now the Italian fashion institution dedicated to students, emerging designers and young talents, outlining more vividly its identity of scouting platform, dedicated to the selection, the promotion, the support and the mentoring of the young names of fashion. The designers that had the opportunity to present their Fall/Winter 2020-2021 were 56. For the first time in AltaRoma’s history this year there was also a partnership with the Lazio Region that will help the young designers on the entrepreneurial development in the Lazio territory.

“Rome is my Runway” at Altaroma

In this edition was consolidated the “Rome is my Runway” format, a special collective fashion show to promote emerging brands, rigorously selected on national territory. The main theme of all the four designers selected was s the excellent craft of the creative process, the quality of the raw materials and the sartorial workings, the refinement of prints and materials.

“Rome is my Runway” at Atlaroma with 4 emerging brands (from left to right): Asciari, Chiara Perrot, Gentile Catone, Sartoria 74

These four collections in particular reflect the culture and values of Made in Italy, which never renounces to the poetry of a creative ferment, referring to an intimate tale of family, artisanal workshops and traditions handed down generation by generation. This edition was a little bit undertoned compared to the other ones, but still there were some brands to keep an eye on.

Asciari’s collection was called “Britannica” and is a reinterpretation of the British style. A collection that combines the modern London with the English countryside with its colors, fabrics, architecture and nature. The main characteristic about Asciari’s style is their love for sustainable fabrics made it with recycled materials.

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Chiara Perrot instead predilects art and beauty, aimed to the creation of a rigorous and clean image. That’s why in her new collection she chooses s a language with a youthful mood, full of grace, romantic tones, crossed by a feminine and energetic allure. Colors and hand painted elements make it more vivid and luminous. The cuts are wide, vaguely oriental in jackets and trousers, the dresses are light and well structured; forms and materials refer to the ideal of an elegant, refined and feminine woman, in her movements and behavior.

Gentile Cantone otherwise e creates sophisticated prints, shaping its multi-faceted world, in which contemporary effervescence, nostalgic allure and bold romanticism find their dissonant harmony. The FW 20-21 collection celebrates beauty in the intriguing form of voluptuous and shadowed plants, charming and poisonous flowers, enigmatic creatures that emerge from a smoky and opalescent landscape. The collection is also characterized by sophisticated and peculiar prints, precious fabrics like silk twill and mohair.

Sartoria 74 was the last, but not the least,on the fashion runway. High tailoring, luxury and elegance are the three words that express better the identity of the brand. Influenced by the sartorial Neapolitan tradition, the designer decides to look out to the world of clothing, distinguishing herself for exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The collection is made only by suits, expression of the excellent Neapolitan male tailoring, declined in a female key.

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