Altaroma july 2022: Rome is my Runway

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Altaroma wants to launch and promote the new talents of Made in Italy fashion through increasingly important events for young designers. This is the case of Rome is my Runway, the series of three collective fashion shows dedicated to emerging brands held on 12-13-14 July at the Ex Caserma Guido Reni in Rome.

An event within the Rome Fashion Week, an important occasion of visibility for emerging designers who often appear for the first time in the world of fashion and on the catwalk.

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Altaroma – Rome is my runway – Dadamax

With Rome is my Runway Altaroma proposed three evenings dedicated to the most avant-garde talent and creativity, with three collective fashion shows and 12 brands selected from among the best of the new generation of fashion designers.

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Altaroma – Rome is my runway – Andrés Romo

Extremely interesting fashion shows for the quality of the items presented, all at a high level of tailoring, and for the originality of the inspirations that are often conceptual and of great visual impact. Here are the emerging fashion designers who attended the event.

Andrés Romo

Andrés Romo, a Mexican-born fashion designer who has lived and worked in Milan for over 10 years, brings a breath of freshness and joy to the catwalk of Rome is my Runway with his “Viva la Vida” collection, in which he proposes a return to shapes that echo the 40s and 80s of the last century, an explosive femininity a la Carmen Miranda and an attention to the environment through sustainable techniques such as fabric upcycling.

Annagiulia Firenze

The spring-summer collection “Under my Skin” by Annagiulia Firenze talks about family roots and an intimate and introspective journey in search of one’s own identity, in a dreamy and delicate imagination in which the garments, hand-dyed in splendid shades, seem to take inspiration from the grandmother’s trunk with the delicacy of an emotional memory interpreted in a contemporary key.

Yarden Mitrani

Yarden Mitrani, a young Franco Israeli designer who launched his brand in Italy in 2019, presents his “Ocean” collection, 100% sustainable made with certified fabrics and inspired by climate change and the beauty of coral reefs.

Simone Tessadori

The image proposed by the young Simone Tessadori for spring summer 2023 is poetic and delicate. The emerging fashion designer takes us to the seashore with the “Riviera” collection, with fluid and feminine cut dresses variegated in a slightly sparkling color palette that goes from the green of the water to the sand and black of the night on the sea.


The designer Dafne Mayo, creative mind of Dadamax, lets us enter her inner and personal world with a collection of vintage men’s blazers revisited with an avant-garde style and a very strong conceptuality. The blazer is reinterpreted with family love through innovative embroideries that send important messages to the world and tell a story that unites past, present and future.

Be Nina

Be Nina is an interesting discovery of this edition of Rome is my Runway. The brand born from the creativity of the stylist Sabrina Bonatesta, with the “Uascezze” collection makes us relive in a cheerful, festive and noisy way the outings that were once made. Grandma’s doilies and nineteenth-century shapes become super contemporary and are interpreted with an interesting and bold mix of nostalgia and cheekiness.

Francesca Cottone

Francesca Cottone‘s collections are always a joy for the eyes and for the touch, given the quality of the fabrics and the beauty of the tailored details. This time the designer is inspired by the legendary Studio 54 and by the characters that populated the New York nights of the 70s. The blazer and the suits are always the protagonists and expressed all the joy of those free and wild years in a bright color palette of which we are lovers.

See Also

Marinella Piccinno

Marinella Piccinno‘s collection “Saraab”, which in Arabic means mirage, is an emotional and spiritual journey into the Sahara desert, in its warm and earthy colors, in the almost liquid fluidity of its skies, in the richness of the oases and in the femininity of Maghrebi women.


Aelle, an emerging brand designed by a stylistic duo, wants to focus its attention on the use of denim as the main raw material to redesign the concept of fashion and luxury. Denim is varied in many shapes and colors, from purple to acid yellow, from green to beige, from vintage to faded effect, in a soft and vaguely retro interpretation of classic workwear.

Valentina Poltronieri

It’s called “Africa Pop” the new journey into color and rich imagery by Valentina Poltronieri, a young fashion designer from Bergamo who we met at her debut several years ago (read here her interview) and who still rejoices and amazes us with her increasingly advanced and mature collections. The collection presented in Altaroma takes us to the African continent with a pinch of spirituality and admiration for the environmental and cultural richness of that territory, represented in a triumph of colors combined with delicate pastel shades and a pop and cheerful vision that makes this fashion show absolutely unique.


Reamerei is another very interesting discovery of Altaroma. The brand founded by Marzia Geusa together with the designers Enrico Micheletto (whom we already met at Naba’s Fashion Graduate Italia) and Davide Melis, takes us into a future with a punk and gender fluid soul in which people can express themselves in total freedom drawing on shapes, colors, decorations and imaginaries taken from different worlds and reinterpreted in an avant-garde key halfway between dystopia and poetry.


Feelomena, Filomena Saltarelli‘s brand, offers us a reflection on the current social situation due to the pandemic crisis. Even today we find it hard to come into physical contact with other people, as if we were afraid of poisoning ourselves. The fashion designer starts from this concept of poisoning by drawing inspiration from a poisonous bird from New Guinea, whose dark colors are dangerously illuminated by almost alarming fluorescent shades.

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