44 young designers for the Secoli Fashion Show 2024

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To celebrate the 90th anniversary of its history, Istituto Secoli brought on runway its best fashion students and 4 Designer to Watch, in a spectacular show that demonstrated all the talent of this new generation of young designers.

For 9 decades Istituto Secoli contributed to Made in Italy making the history of Italian style by training an incredible number of designers, tailors and pattern makers. In June 2024 the prestigious fashion school presented the last show with many young students and their graduate collections, as always supported by important sponsors and associations like ANTIA, Camera Nazionale
della Moda Italiana, IACDE, Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda ETS, Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia Bemberg, Lectra, Candiani, Brunello, Lisa, Macpi, ALBINI GROUP, Eurojersey and Tessiture Grisotto

Secoli Fashion Show 2024
Secoli Fashion Show 2024 – Milano (Photo by Daniele Venturelli)

On catwalk we’ve seen very interesting pieces and capsule collections, especially for the menswear and the 4 Designer to Watch.

Daniele Cavallo presented an impressive and strong men’s collection entitled “Freedom”, taking inspiration from all the fights to conquire the freedom and the human rights in history and decostructing the male wardrobe to build new proportions.

Secoli Fashion Show 2024

Miriam Maggioni presented her collection “Essere non è da me”, focusing her work on the concept of identy against stereotypes, to be proud of our own personal story without deny our origin and heritage.

the-fashion-propellant-Miriam Maggioni_03

Michela Santegidi presented the womenswear collection entitled “.0 Identità Radici” focused on the bridge between identity and roots, between a past that seems lost and the present, in an ethernal loop in continuous trasnformation.

the-fashion-propellant-Michela Santegidi_02

Ilaria Gerratana speaks about her oringin with the menswear collection “Love letter from Sicily”, in which she propose a very interesting work of handmade embroideries and crochet to celebrate the enchanting beauty of Italian land and to embody the essence of artisanal Made in Italy.

the-fashion-propellant-Ilaria Gerratana_01

After the four Designer to Watch started the show with 7 macro themes developed by the many young students into conceptual and strong topics.

Starting from the expressive representation of uglyness in search of a new aesthetic canon (Il Brutto Espressivo), going to a creative evolution (L’Evoluzione Creativa) in which the shapes transform themselves and everything is in movement. Then the students explored the activism (L’Attivimo) through the use of art as means of expression and action using satire and social protest.

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The necessity to take care of our heritage and to reveal the beauty to conserve and preserve it, was expressed with the collection “Il Curatore”, while the capsule collection “Il Muro di Berlino” wanted to celebrate and represent an important moment in human history between the dicotomy between brutality and subversive energy.

“Il saluto primordiale” focused the attention on relationship between people in the first moment of interaction, especially in a world like our in which everything seems virtual and ephemeral. While the collection “L’Idolatria” is focused on the concept of myth that represent the perfection of beauty and power, even if its rule is doubted by science and rationality.

On catwalk we’ve seen the creations of:

Martina Aroldi, Rachele Farnetani, Teresa Corelli, Federica Calopresti, Sofia Bevilacqua, Subin Park, Elena Gattoni, Daniela Zani, Olivia Pedone, Aurora Africano, Camilla Papi, Ilaria Pansera, Anna Bettoli, Chiara Argirò, Alice Vincenzi, Hector Luis Ortega Romero, Andrea Edna Gobbi, Elena Rasia, Caterina Luigia Di Nicuolo, Siria Ciaffaglione, Zijing Yu, Francesca Colelli, Gaia De Stefani, Yujin Lee, Simone Cairoli, Thomas Carlini, Emanuele Moda, Lorenzo Spagnolo, Ilaria Nolli, Filippo Corsi, Valentina Marchesi, Rebecca Foglieni, Yeimy Andrea Stoduto, Ambra Speciale, Carlotta Giandini, Sabrina Ghidotti, Claudia Romeo, Viola Ciccone, Veronica Paganini, Alice Arata

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