About the Platform

Everything started with a question:

“What’s the fuel that moves the fashion world?”

The propellant is an idea, an inspiration, a creative world born in the mind of the designer.

The Fashion Propellant speaks about the fashion of the future, dreams and visionaries, new aesthetic horizons and brave new concepts.

TFP is an online and offline platform that discovers and enhances the young talents of fashion, guides the aspiring designers and the emerging brands, supports the work of Italian and international fashion schools and companies.

 TFP Plaform is formed by many channels, all focused on new talents.

THE FASHION PROPELLANT, launched in 2015, is the blog magazine dedicated to fashion academies, young students and new names of Contemporary and Avant-garde Fashion, with a particular focus on the most innovative visions, experimental creativity and sustainable design processes.

TFP TALENTS promotes the new talents creating connections and synergies between different realities of design, production and communication. It’s a channel that offers consulting services for young designers and fashion start-up, from Brand Coaching to fashion and graphic design, from web design and social media marketing to fashion editorials and shootings, up to the creations of many opportunities to boost the brand’s popularity.

With the community TFP TALENTS Community the young designers and the emerging brands can approach to a world of information, contents, fashion contests, workshops and special events organized by the Platform TFP and by many partners and sponsors. While to showcase the work of the most innovative young creatives and the many events dedicated to fashion schools and graduate collections there are the TFP’s social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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