CMYK, graduate fashion show 2023 by Koefia

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The Fashion Propellant - Koefia 2023

A prestigious location for the graduate fashion show of the students of Koefia, who presented on catwalk a collection inspired by colors

Inside the event “Ensemble – Fashion Night Academies”, which brought on catwalk the graduate collections of four important fashion school of Rome, KOEFIA proposed an interesting Final Work 2023 inspired by primary colors: cyan, yellow, magenta and black, through a study of their vibrations and almost infinite possibility of matching the same shade thorugh different textures.

The beautiful scenery of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, was the perfect set for the intense graduate fashion show of Koefia’s of third BA and seconf MA students.

Four primary colors for reasoning around the essence of what we can see through our eyes, but also for transforming something intangible into something real, into a materic product that we can wear to physically represent our mood, our inspiration and our personal vision of the world.

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Haute Couture outfits, moved by fabric manipulations, embroideries, digital prints and overlapping of different materials, which play together tone on tone for creating the contrasting color blocks effects of the entire show, going from the vibrant and almost electric blue, to the sophistication of magenta and the liveliness of yellow to finally go to the refinery of total black.

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