GDD Fashion Week, a special event for emerging designers

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From 25th to 27th August 2020 the enchanting seaside town of Amantea in Calabria will be the set of an important fashion competition and event dedicated to emerging brands, in which The Fashion Propellant and TFP TALENTS will be present in the backstage and for rewarding a new talent of fashion design.


During the three days of events, that will take place in the amazing scenario of Parco della Grotta of Amantea, we’ll have the occasion to closely meet 20 fashion designers who partecipate at the fashion competition and other 10 designers who will be the Special Guests of the GDD FASHION WEEK.

This year the kermesse is inspired by the Future, imagining how will be fashion in 2030, surely more sustainable and respectful of environment and human conditions. This is the leitmotif of the capsule collections we’ll see soon on catwalk.

The 20 young designers partecipating to the fashion contest will have the possibility to win prestigious prizes offered by the GDD’s Main Partners, including us!

The GDD FASHION WEEK Award Ceremony in 2019

The first prize consists in € 2000 offered with the patronage of Azienda Agricola Michele Ruggiero and Comune di San Pietro in Amantea.

The fashion magazine “La Mia Boutique” will select three designers for a special interview and photo shooting, the platform Never Tee Stop will produce the capsule collection of one selected designer, while Bartolotta& Martorana will decide who can partecipate to an international fashion week with also a shooting and Marco Del Ristoro will offer a consulting service for textiles.

Star-let’s Go

Kate Cavaliere and Christian Degennaro, both important influencers and fashion insiders part of the agency Star-let’s Go, will be the special guests of this 15th edition of the event and will be with us in the backstage, narrating the emotions of the competition through their point of view.

The Offial Partners of GDD FASHION WEEK

We of TFP TALENTS and The Fashion Propellant are the Official Partner of the GDD FASHION WEEK and will follow the whole event from the backstage, with Instagram live videos and insights, special articles and interviews. And especially we are glad to offer the “TFP TALENTS Special Prize” consisting in a 12-hours Brand Coaching consulting service to one fashion designer selected from the fashion competition.

Our Founder Elisa Gibaldi will be part of the Jury together with the designers Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana, Daria Manzolini of “La Mia Boutique”, Juriy Villanova of Never Tee Stop, the floral designer Gianni Cortese, the fashion designer Martina Bavaro and the journalist Sara Lecci of “Mia Le Journal”.

10 are the emerging designers and brands that will be the Special Guests of the events:

Bartolotta & Martorana

Federico Del Ristoro

Martina Bavaro

Irene Contini

Azzurra Di Lorenzo

Giusy Di Bartolo

See Also

Benedetto Talarico

Antonella Cuppari

Ina Bordonaro

Amanthia Gioielli


Here tha names of the 20 young partecipants to the GDD’s fashion competition:

Alice Fruendi – Anna Daverio – Asia Porena – Arellano Vela Estrella Brigitte – Camilla Pane – Daniele Colasante – Nataliia Yavorska – Francesca Vitale – Gaia Proietti – Giorgia Cicatello – Giulia Sogna – Lalla Couture – Laura Giusti – Martina Salvetti – Massimo Jr Facchini – Michela Papaianni – Noor El Qarra – Sharon Loritto – Silvia Pompei – Valentina Poltronieri

We can’t wait to see all the collections on catwalk and to finally meet the new talents who will be part of GDD FASHION WEEK. Stay tuned and follow our Instagram accounts @tfptalents and @thefashionpropellant and @gddfashionweek to be part of the event and to discover what will happen in the backstage!

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