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Even this year Altaroma offers a unique opportunity for emerging talents of Made in Italy fashion and their creations.

Showcase, Altaroma’s flagship project, which since nine editions allows new generation of Italian fashion designers and fashion brands to get in touch with professionals, press and buyers from all over the world, in person as well as remotely thanks to the digital edition.

We had the opportunity to select and see the best accessories, items and garments from the showcase.

In general, brands share the goal of returning to a newfound normality, in which there is no longer the search for ostentation and perfection, but the desire to express ourselves as individuals, also through the imperfections that make us unique and special.



The jewels and accessories seen during the showcase show two different trends: the use of geometric and architectural shapes, as created by Invaerso, Lunante, Pyla, Vuelle and 107gioielli to express the newfound need for strict shapes in opposition to the widespread chaotic life in recent years.

Other brands like Sabrina Formica, Delve Jewelry and Midorj Jewels gives us strong references to nature and fluidity, a return to contact between humans and nature, in a new and fluid connection.

Blasted Skin accessories are inspired by the graphic representation of the algorithm, produced by the sound waves of music. The 2D structures so generated are transfigured around the human body like a geometric plot that embraces and guards the figure and is expressed in graphic vortices.



Also in bags and shoes we have seen the trend of the use of geometric and architectural shapes and lines. The fashion emerging brands offer a mix of balance and perfection combined with strength and determination.

There is a strong reference to 100% Made in Italy fashion, for which the highest quality materials and the strong imprint of typically Italian skilled craftsmanship are fundamental, without forgetting to be sustainable and create a long-lasting product.

Aim Handmade, Luhdo, Lara Bellini and Traffico opt for more rigid and structured straight lines, while fashion brands such as Adelaide C, Noesi, Mag and Maiorano prefer curved lines, still maintaining the idea of architectural form but with a slightly softer touch.


In the clothing category, four main trends stood out. Innovative, bold and captivating prints and patterns: Beltepà mixes traditional Uzbek fabrics with a taste for Italian style and craftsmanship and the result is a perfect balance with colours inspired by earth and minerals, natural materials silk and wool mixed together. Benevierre plays with pop culture by creating ironic and colorful patterns and prints that give a modern and contemporary touch to the classic shirts. Lorenzo Seghezzi plays with fabrics transparencies and the body wearing them, using the garments as skin-like decorations, thanks to the design and the use of tattoos and details imprinted on the material.

Bav Taylor, ZEROBARRACENTO and Niccolò Pasqualetti present sustainable garments with avant-garde deconstructed shapes, using dark and neutral colours, leaving the focus on the volumes and lines of the clothes.


Many brands play with the use of colours and the mix and match of strong, bright shades combined with softer and pastel tones. The main focus is on monochrome and colour block. Yekaterina Ivankova creates a mix and match of upcycled materials while Arianna di Maio expresses herself through a modern and colourful knitwear. Valentina Poltronieri uses shades that refer to a Middle Eastern world, with hues of pastel and some more intense but dull, almost burnt tones, evoking the architecture.


Aelle focuses on the use of denim, giving it a new vision and a new concept. Also in this collection, it is the protagonist and is combined with unconventional shapes and wearability, working on treatments and coatings that totally change the look, feel and colours. While CDC studio plays through soft shades interspersed with the usual spots of pure colour that distinguish their collections.

The typically Nordic minimalism is expressed by two brands, Pommes de Claire and Of Handmade, which play with prints, patterns, materials and techniques, such as knitwear that refer to a simple style with cold colours.

Article by Federica Macheda

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