IED Moda Milano presents the sustainable fashion project Fa/Re Being Cool is Nothing New

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If we speak about sustainability IED ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN is always on the front line. From 18th to 20th September during the Milan Fashion Week, the famous fashion school will present a special project to speak and experience around the concept of eco-friendly fashion, upcycling and re-use.

“Fa/Re – Being Cool is Nothing New”, a special project born in January and made in collaboration with Orsola De Castro of the global movement Fashion Revolution, will found its conclusion in an intensive three-days event at Spazio Teatro IED Moda Milano, that involves the students and the teachers
of IED Istituto Europeo di Design during the Milan Fashion Week.
The fanzine made by the students of communication at IED Moda Milano for the project “Fa/Re Being Cool is Nothing New”
An event open to public, invited to bring old clothes for experimenting the technique of re-use and recycle guided by the creativity of the IED’s students. The project wants to focus on the concept of multidisciplinarity, demonstrating that fashion can find another life after use, not necessarily in form of other clothes.
The fanzine made by the students of communication at IED Moda Milano for the project “Fa/Re Being Cool is Nothing New”
So a old t-shirt can incredibly become sound thanks to the latest technologies, the waste of photo shooting become a fanzine and everybody can approach to the art of recycle having clear in mind that this is the new great trend of fashion design
Textile experimentation made by the students of IED Moda Milano for the project “Fa/Re Being Cool is Nothing New”
The students involved in the project curated all the aspects of the event, from the set to the multimedia installation, from the workshop to the customization of the garments, up to all the communication directed to mass media and the public. The event will be also an important occasion to present their creative works of fashion and industrial design and of communication.
The creations of IED Moda Milano’s students for the project “Fa/Re Being Cool is Nothing New”
The challenge is big. How to demonstrate to the young generation of consumers that sustainable fashion can be cool as much as fast fashion? How to change the productive processes starting since the schools of fashion design? Questions that requires an immediate answer. That’s why many sponsor decided to support this brilliant initiave. From Fashion Revolution, that wants to raise public awareness on ethical industrial processes, to Levi’s, that gave its remaining inventory of denim clothes for the upcycling workshops and will present a special corner dedicated to the innovative Water<Less techniques. And then for the event communication gave their support the famous fashion magazine i-D Italia and the important Milano Fashion Library, while the beer Kühbacher will present its sustainable processes.
The students of IED Moda Milano at Milano Fashion Library studying for the project “Fa/Re Being Cool is Nothing New”
For informations:
Fa/Re @IED: reuse, experimentation and conscious creativity
From 18th to 20th September
Inauguration 18th September from 5pm to 10pm
at Spazio Teatro IED Moda Milano
via Pompeo Leoni 3 (Milan)
Free entrance. The visitors are invited to bring with them an old garment for the workshops.
I’ll wait you next week with the photos of the event! Stay tuned!

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