Harim Accademia Euromediterranea at Fashion Graduate Italia 2022

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Harim Accademia Euromediterranea arrives at Fashion graduate Italia 2022 with one of the most interesting collective collections of the whole event.

Outfit by Chiara Messina, Harim Accademia Euromediterranea

The Harim academy for over twenty years is an interesting reality in the fashion training panorama, especially as regards southern Italy. But the spirit of the Sicilian fashion school goes far beyond the borders of the island. For several years, the collections of Harim’s young fashion design students have been proposing innovative ideas, especially in the field of daywear and the use of technical fabrics.


This time, however, the show seen at Fashion Graduate Italia amazed us with a deeper artistic sensitivity and a great research on a textile and sustainable level. Some of the items seen on the catwalk are among the most beautiful and interesting of the entire event and allow us to dream of the world of Couture once again.

Bianca Aloisi shows five candid creatures wearing garments rich in textile experiments, with an eye to the future and avant-garde fashion. Interesting is the play of cuts and semi-transparencies that emphasize different parts of the body, but even more the innovative dress made of white hair that descends from the model’s head to create an intricate design on the body.

The Chiara Messina‘s collection is certainly one of the most beautiful views at FGI22. Poetic and romantic yet modern, the final collection of this young talent is enriched with clouds of tulle and layered overlays of organza that recall the delicacy of flowers but also the magnificence of stormy skies. Very, very good!

Emanuele Altavilla gives men’s clothing a joyful attitude and a contribution of natural spontaneity. The collection offers a delicate palette that refines the soft and abundant shapes, as well as the floral embroideries and ramage make some typical street style shapes more pleasant and surprising.

Emma Migliore transports us away into a kingdom full of childhood memories with her outfits taken from the children’s fashion wardrobe, such as cute collars with ruffles, small prints that alternate with gigantic floral prints, overalls and asymmetrical and fluttering skirts.

Sarah Arcifa‘s collection is especially interesting for the great textile work applied to a classic concept. The more traditional fabrics are transformed through carving and dissolution works, losing their original nature to become something absolutely intriguing and also revolutionizing the classic shapes of the garments.

Noemi Agosta brings to the catwalk a very intriguing mix of alluring sensuality and refined elegance, with a collection that plays with white and black, with bold transparencies, with threads and soft volumes that caress the body and enhance its bold and elegant femininity.

Marta Spampinato, on the other hand, plays with the contrast between masculine and feminine, in a playful collection that is at the same time devoted to comfort and practicality. Balloon skirts alternate with overalls and large unisex shirts, while a rock touch is given by the use of tartan and more casual knitwear.

Giorgio Provenzale is an absolutely salable and attractive men’s fashion for the youngest. The technical fabrics play with the iridescent colors and with the effects of gloss and opacity, in a prevalence of color block given by the use of different fabrics and above all by the pockets, absolute protagonists of his outfits.

Ilaria Costantino‘s collection focuses on the decorative details of digital prints, patchwork effects in denim, ironic and fun applications, with a reference to the colors and themes of the 90s interpreted in an absolutely contemporary key. Very beautiful are decisesly the accessories and the bags!

That of Giulia Garfì is a world in which essential elegance is represented by the use of a minimal and nuanced palette of tones ranging from gray to black. As in a storm or in the deepest night, the fabrics seem to represent both the body and the most mysterious and dark natural elements, draping around the body, fluttering free, creating avant-garde overlaps and intricate webs.

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