NEW TALENTS: from NYFW the Parsons Fashion School MFA summer 2018 graduate collections

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Enter into the future of fashion looking the graduate collections of the young designers of Parsons Fashion School from New York Fashion Week.

The young talents of  MFA Fashion Design and Society of Parsons School are very busy in these days. After their graduate fashion show during the NYFW, for them is beginning a bright career. Noted by important buyers and magazines, they will surely become the rising stars of fashion.
Let’s start to know their profile and see the complete graduate collections.
A clean total white palette explored with different textures and aspects for the designer Amanda Brown, who worked with an unconventional knitwear around the concept of the plastic bag, a simple object in which women carry their everyday things, weights and responsabilities. 
(images from vogue)
Romantic and deeply poetic, the vision of Caroline Hu was inspired by Reinassance art and she transform her dresses into canvas where to paint with fabrics similar to brushstrokes. A painting approach that connected her design to a real form of art. Through meters and meters of tulle she create abstract shapes and diaphanous silhouettes.
(images from vogue)
Obsessed by the handmade crochet technique but interpreted in a decidedly innovative way, the young designer Di Gao was inspired by functions and convertibility of Chinese architecture. Using copper wire, she constructs geometrical shapes, light and rigid at the same time, that can change volumes and function just pulling a string.

Provocation, oversize, asymmetry, handcrafted. All words that perfectly suit to the style of Nihl, a brand by the designer Neil Grotzinger, specialized in beads embroideries and embellishments which enrich his creations. A collection made of classic male clothes revisited in proportions, details and decorations, matched with unconventional transparent pieces completely embroidered with a bold style.

Inspired by her father’s work in construcion, Shanel Campbell mixed elements of industrial workwear to male and female classic pieces such as corsets, tuxedo jackets and waistcoats that become hard as armours. The result is a bold, dark colored collection with a really strong character, dedicated to women sexually free and confidence.

Coming from a family of creatives, Shizhe He wants to recreate the wardrobe of an artist starting from the concept that clothing should express the personality of who wear it. Thanks to her great skills in patternmaking and tailoring cuts, her revolution is more sophisticated than it can appears, with great importance given to details, big comfortable proportions designed in a solid color palette and a unique touch of fantasy in prints and embroideries.

Many layers of irregular stitches and threads, uncutted patterns of clothes overlying on dresses, a reasoning on the entire fashion system and in particulary on the conditions of chinese workers. With a magnificent and perfectly mixed color palette, the Tinguyue Jiang collection results simple in shapes, but really interesting for textures and concept.

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Based on the concept of the hoarder, in the sense of a collector who can’t waste anything and picks different things mixing them toghether, the Chinese designer Venus Lo inserts torn pieces of fabrics throughout her knitwear, breaks the surfaces to show the inner padding, creating three-dimensional shapes and complicated textures.

Knitwear as experimentation for the young designer Zoe Champion, who use the inlay technique to create the effects of different layers of clothes on coats and dresses, mixing prints of her family in a pop version with strong and contrasting colors to connect the unknown with something more familiar.

Here the video with the complete fashion show.

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