Sacred and profane, a provocative fashion exhibition at MET of New York

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The dialogue between religion and fashion will be the provocative theme of the next exhibition “Heavenly bodies:fashion and the Catholic imagination” at Metropolitan Museum of New York,  from 10th May to 8th October 2018.

At the Costume Institute of Metropolitan Museum of New York with the new year will be hosted a provocative and attractive exhibition which analyses the relationship between sacred and profane.
Since ancient time religion and fashion coexist more or less peacefully,  but was only in the 20th century that fashion clearly declared its interesting about sacred world. Maybe to investigate our fragile humanity and the innate desire of eternity,  or maybe to elevate the so superficial fashion nature towards more high intents, modern fashion designers are often fascinated by spiritual elements. 
“Heavenly bodies:fashion and the Catholic imagination” at Metropolitan Museum
Organized by Andrew Bolton in collaboration with medieval and byzantine areas of MET Museum and starting with some sacred vestmemt and papal accessories directly provider by Vaticano,  the exhibition will explore the creations of Dolce & Gabbana, with their “Monreale” inspired collection, the franciscan robe by Madame Gres, the provocative chalice embroidered on the bust by Jean Paul Gaultier, the bold jewelled crosses designed by Gianni Versace in the Nineties.

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