4 illustrations for 4 emerging designers to celebrate a HAPPY INNOVATIVE YEAR!

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The year is ending and waiting for 2018, TFP celebrates the passage to a new year with 4 illustrations dedicated to 4 brilliant young fashion designers and new brands emerged in 2017.

For this last day of 2017 I’ve decided to celebrate the upcoming new year looking back at all the best creations made during this year by 4 young designers.

Act n° 1 is womenswear label founded by Luca Lin and Galib Gassanoff in early 2016. Their first collection was presented in 2017 at White Show in Milan and selected by Vogue Italia for Vogue Talent during the Milan Fashion Week. In 2017 they won the “Who is on next” contest organized by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma.
I had the fortune to personally know them as my ex students and are really two up-and-comer of Italian fashion.

Fashion illustration by Elisa Gibaldi dedicated to Act n° 1
Damir Begovic is a young desiger currently based in Zagreb, Croatia where he’s
studying MA in Textile Technology and Fashion Design. His collection is
inspired by
horticultural and in particular by Carnivorous plant. transformed into
sparkling dresses with big shoulders and volumes on the sleeves. 

Fashion illustration by Elisa Gibaldi dedicated to Damir Begovic

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Han Kim has graduated at Central Saint Martins in 2017 and Ma at Royal College of Art in 2017. His graduate collection “Hello, Strangers” won
many important prizes like the SFDF Samsung Fashion and Design Fund
Awards. He was invited to many events during the London Fashion Week and
in various fashion exhibitions.

Fashion illustration by Elisa Gibaldi dedicated to Han Kim
Kevin Germanier studied Fashion Womenswear at Central Saint Martins in London, where he made an amazing and shiny graduate collection. Previously he was the winner of the EcoChic Design Award 2014/15 and worked for Alexis Mabille Haute Couture. Currently he works at Louis Vuitton in Paris and dresses stars like Bjork.

Fashion illustration by Elisa Gibaldi dedicated to Kevin Germanier

 And now my best wishes for a 


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