The best SUMMER FASHION COURSES in Italy 2018

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Summer is coming and this is the best period to improve your skills and knowledges about fashion with some short course. Discover the most interesting proposals of Italian fashion schools.

A summer course could be a very important occasion to give a new perspective to your career or to enter in contact for the first time with the world of fashion. An opportunity to make the most from the long days of the summer season making something really useful and interesting at the same time, without renouncing to your leisure time and maybe having the opportunity to visit the trendiest cities of Italy. 

Since some years ago the scholastic program started normally from September-October until June and the summer period was dedicated to prepare some exams or the final thesis. During the hottest days of July and August students returned to their home or went to holiday, while the great part of the schools were closed. 

In the last few years instead, the request of specific educational preparation is growing and a lot of fashion schools decided to open their doors creating a range of short courses and workshops to satisfy this new necessity. These are the reasons why you should choose a summer fashion course:


    1. if you are an aspiring student who wants to approach to some fashion field but without having a clear mind about your future, a short program could clarify which field is more suitable for your skills and ambitions.


    1. if you are one of the thousands workers who are too busy during the winter time to attend a regular pathway, the more flessibility given by the longer days of summer and a more relaxed mood might work for you


    1. Have you always dreamed to begin some fashion career, but you you never dared to do it? This is the perfect occasion to realize your childhood dream to become a fashion designer without spending too much time or money


  1. if you are already a designer but want to improve your knowledges with some new skills you can choose a short course very specific and professional. This will improve also your career, giving new opportunities in your field or updating your curriculum
These are some of the most interesting short fashion courses for this summer.

One of the best places to study fashion and have a nice holiday at the same time is surely Rome. Visiting amazing monuments and making a walk along the Tiber river, you might enjoy the free time between classes. Accademia di costume e Moda organizes three short courses for this summer about the three thematic areas that make this school one of the most renownes in the world (n° 11 in the Bof Ranking), Fashion Design, Costume Design and Communication. The courses will last 2 weeks in July, for a total of 30 hours.
For info: Accademia’s website 
FASHION DESIGN: an introductory course for aspiring designers who will be oriented among the different fields of fashion design. At the end of the program students will be able to better understand the work of the professional designer, having basic knowledge of trend research, fashion illustration, patternmaking and laboratory to realize a prototype.
COSTUME DESIGN: this is a very rare course in the educational landscape and one of the best characteristic of this school. The short course is very important for a first approach to Costume Design, through the realization of sketches, the historical research and the study of the characters for theatre.
FASHION COMMUNICATION: to guide the students in the wide world of communication and to give an overview of the job of the editor, this course will prepare to the attentive analysis of media and trends, the realization of an editorial product throught writing and styling.
Other two wonderful locations to study fashion during summer are Florence and Milan, beloved tourist destinations that are also focal centres of Italian fashion and of traditional manufacturers. There IED – Istituto Europeo di Design proposes three different short course sall in english, that will start in July for 3 weeks with full-time lessons (for a total of 75 hours) and a very interesting cost, only € 2600.
Raffaella Zannini ( 02 583361 Milan; Alessandra Pescatori ( 055 29821 Florence
FASHION DESIGN, DESIGN YOUR CAPSULE COLLECTION: through lectures, workshops and laboratories, this short course, held in Florence, is an introduction to fashion design and will prepare students to the basic techniques of drawing, the research of new trends and the development of a collection’s concept. Final purpose of the course is the realization of a complete outfit with the technique of draping (moulage).
FASHION EVENTS & PR: the students of this course, held in Florence, will aquire all the skills necessary for organizing and realing events connected with the fashion world, like the correct strategies of public relations and fashion communication, the building of a brand reputation and the techniques of fashion writing. The final project of the course will be the planning of an event in partnership with an important company.
FASHION MARKETING: the course is organized in Milan, nerve center of international fashion business. The program is focused on the acquisition of the technical and theoretical skills about fashion marketing, with a particular attention on the brand strategies, the analysis of the market and the techniques of advertising and merchandising.
Polimoda is among the first 5 best fashion schools of the world (BoF ranking) and it confirm its international and highly professional attitude offering 25 different short courses for summer, divided into thematic areas. All held in Florence in the heart of the beautiful birthplace of the Renaissance, this high-level courses will last 4 weeks, are held in english language for Italian and foreigner students and have a cost of € 4000.
DESIGN: all the courses in the field of design will prepare students to a very professional and specific approach, through the development of capsule collections, the analysis of trends, the learning of technical skills and of a design method. The specific courses concern male and female apparel, sportswear, lingerie and swimwear, kidswear, accessories and jewelry. Very interesting are also the courses dedicated to sustainable fashion, ashion technology and bespoke fashion. 
FASHION MANAGEMENT: this series of courses are dedicated to who want to pursue a career in the field of fashion business having the possibility to learn both managerial and creative skills through the knowledge of sociology, brand identity, marketing and luxury management, but also w to project and the develop a collection with an eye on market.
FASHION COMMUNICATION: a series of short courses dedicated to visionaries and fashion lovers who want to discover all the aspects of fashion communication, from advertising to public relations, 
fashion journalism, styling and trend forecasting. The students will learn the writing techniques, the laws of an effective communication and the skills necessary for the styling and photography.
VISUAL:  intending fashion as a world that goes besides business and the simple selling of a product, these courses are focused on the buiding of a captivating image. Fashion become a powerful form of communication that should be shown as an art piece through different visual concepts. The students will approach to the curation of fashion events and store design from the choice of a location, the manage of spaces, sounds, lights to better communiczte the mood of a brand.
If you want to dive in the cool atmosphere of the fashion district in Milan, Ferrari Fashion School is the right for you. The school offers many short summer courses, which last from 1 to 4 weeks, depending by the level and the type of programs. The basic courses are suitable for who wants to enter into contact for the first time with the fashion system, while the advanced paths are dedicated to just graduated fashion designers and professionals who want to deepen their knowledges in some specific field. Very interesting are the prices, with a tuition fee of € 250 and partecipation fees of € 800 (advanced 40 hours), € 1400 (basic 80 hours) to € 2200 (intensive 120 hours).
For info: Phone +39 0245375390
FASHION DESIGN: the courses of this area embrace at 360° the world of fashion design learning the best methods of design process fromm the analysis of trends and the realization of mood boards  and sketches to the projecting of a complete collection and a portfolio, with specific basic and advanced programs about male and female apparel, the design of bags and shoes, the rendering techniques and the computer design for fashion.
MODELLING AND TAILORING: short courses of 40 or 80 hours with the major parts of the lessons that are practical improving manual skills of the students through a serious sartorial method which goes from the analysis of the tech-pack and sketches, the measuring and fitting of the models, the patternmaking basic techniques and transformations, the cut of the fabrics and the realization of a prototype. 
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Accademia di Costume e Moda
Ferrari Fashion School’s Facebook Page

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