FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2018: Istituto di Moda Burgo fashion show

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High quality tailoring, sensuality and elegance in the fashion show by ISTITUTO DI MODA BURGO organized during Fashion Graduate Italia 2018 with the support of PSFM Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda and Confindustria Moda.

The combination between modernity and tradition is one of the strenght point of Italian fashion system, well represented in the last edition of FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA by the best fashion schools who presented their educational programs and the creativity of their students to involve the public of young aspiring designers in search of the perfect school and a future to enter the fashion world.


from Istituto di Moda Burgo at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2018


ISTITUTO DI MODA BURGO, with its headquarters widespread in Italy, Europe and the most important countries worldwide, is a reference reality in the fashion education landscape and showcased the talent of 10 students, with proposals that go from the sensual underwear to innovative experimentations, never forgetting the high quality of materials and details.

“Rebirth” is an elegant capsule collection designed by Francesca Basilio, who remastered the japanese art of Kintsugi with the more classic Fornasetti and the traditional Italian ceramics, mixing prints with fur interspersed with bright gold to give a touch of preciousness.
Grazia Ieva proposed the collection “La femme libre”, title from the namesake feminist magazine of the 19th century, recalling the sensual but constrictive garments of that period, with adherent corsets and crinoline skirts made more aggressive by black leather.

Grazia Ieva

The young collection entitled “Reflections” designed by the duo formed by Tamara Cartocci and Eleonora Martinis is a fresh dive into the dreamy colors of opal stone, which combines the smart and comfy shapes of sporty clothing with delicate flowers and shimmering iridescent sequins.

Tamara Cartocci and Eleonora Martinis

Inspired by the Sofia Coppola’s movie, “Marie Antoinette” by Silvia Masci is a delicious lingerie collection which blends the sensuality of satin, corsets and garters with overlap of bows and striped suspender, using a very spot-on color choice of black, baby blue and nude.
Silvia Masci

The menswear collection “Shaman” by Cecilia Lambardi di San Miniato is inspired by the spiritual world of shamans translated through minimal lines influenced by Far East traditional clothing with long shirts, mandarin collars and soft volumes.
Cecilia Lambardi di San Miniato

Passion and vitality are the characteristics of the collection “Milamor-Mex me feel good” by Sophia Flores Corona, who used the classic combination of red, black and white to emphasize the model’s femininity with laces, three-dimensional flowers and the lightness of chiffon.
Sophia Flores Corona

More than the classic blue shades that could be expected by the title “The elegance of the sea”, the collection by Marina Lisyuk explores the rocks under the water, transforming classic sartorial shapes with wavy chiffon, moiré or lace ruffles.
Marina Lisyuk

Reptile leathers and soft draped silks or cotton fabrics. Matteu Barracu proposed a very strong and self-confident woman, who love to be bold and sure of her beauty also if mixing elements from male wardrobe, like the white shirts, Greek-style soft dresses and black leather micro jumpsuits.
Matteo Barracu

The innovative and beautiful collection “To Zero Degree” designed by Carola Sangalli is inspired by the Polland artist Edward Krasinski and the photographer Evelyn Bencicova, and created by multiplying layers of asymmetric shimmering or solid fabrics and geometric three-dimensional volumes, being able to be majestic and minimal at the same time.
Carola sangalli

“Fight with the mind” created by the design duo Giovanni Caruso and Ilaria Boniforti is decidedly interesting. Starting from the concept of armour as something that can protect the female soul, the constricted classic shapes of armours are transformed into soft evolutions of Victorian memory made more feisty by the precious colors, the texturized surfaces and the contrast with leather details.

Giovanni Caruso and Ilaria Boniforti

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