FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2018: IAAD Istituto d’Arte Applica e Design

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Fashion Graduate Italia, the event organized to promote the talent of young designers and as meeting point between public and fashion academies, seen the debut of the first collective collection designed by the students of IAAD Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design from Turin.

Fashion Graduate Italia is broaden its horizons calling at the appointment with the public and the fashion system even more schools, members of PSFM Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda and coming from all the Italian land, from North to South. 

IAAD Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2018


This edition seen the great debut of the first collection with the label “IAAD SOUL”, a new-born brand completely designed and made by the young students of IAAD Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in Turin. Also if the fashion courses are only 4-years-old the identity of the school is clear and oriented to contemporaneity with an eye to the future and experimentation.
IAAD Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2018
The 65-pieces collection mixed male and female outfits, all characterized by a strong personality and a highly recognizable imprint, with a simple but already iconic logo interpreted as decoration in many variants and with some interesting experimentation around the use of hi-tech fabrics and new types of decors. 
IAAD Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design at FASHION GRADUATE ITALIA 2018
“Identity and Change”, title of the graduate fashion show, well express the basic idea, that of making clothes beautiful and really wearable, addressed to the young generetion of Millennials, but also to some nostalgic of a certain Avant-garde (for the just whispered recalls to Rick Owens and Hussein Chalayan).
IAAD, proposing the collection as a brand, made one step ahead for many reasons: at first because in this way the students can learn how to work in team, that’s so useful today; then because the collection could be already attractive for the market; lastly, because the school is setting itself as reference point for aspiring young designers devoted to contemporary fashion.
“IAAD SOUL: Identity and Change”
These are the young designers who showcased their creations:

Cristiano Castelli – Cecilia Chiaro – Carola Dalpasso – Giorgia De Bari – Francesca Di Donato – Vanessa Egidi – Serena Francone – Sara Gallo – Chiara Gario – Camilla Leone – Laura Loi – Camilla Magnano – Veronica Mancini – Alberto Mancuso – Giada Michelassi – Erika Monteno – Letizia Monticone – Marina Monzio Compagnoni – Marta Raggi – Margherita Richieri – Elisa Garino – Loris Giorda – Valeria Marchisio – Simone Semeraro – Gianmaria Andreolli – Elisabetta Arcaroli – Gemma Ascoli – Eleonora Belfiore – Chiara Borello

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