Accademia Koefia brings the wonders of Indonesian culture on the catwalk of Altaroma

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With an enchanting fashion show entitled “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”, rich of cultural and historical references, Accademia Koefia closed the kermesse of Altaroma. 46 outfits, each one more beautiful than the last, completely handmade by its students, who transforms the precious Indonesian Batik fabrics into very modern and sophisticated creations.

Everything starts from the great performance of Tilda Swinton at Palais de Tokyo, when in 2012 presented with dramatic and captivating gestures the historical pieces of Musée Galliera‘s fashion archives. Or maybe 70 years ago, when Italy and Indonesia signed the Bilateral Agreements between the two countries.
Fashion sketches realized by the students of Accademia Koefia for the graduate collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”
The most beautiful stories starts always from far away and fashion, that is made by visual stories,  tactile sensations and concepts, can find in the past and in far cultures its best source of inspiration. “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”, the graduate collection presented by ACCADEMIA KOEFIA in the last day of ALTAROMA fashion week, following this way, becomes an intellectual exercise decidely successful.

Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”: Valentina Zamai, Marella Padilla, Giusi Lotierzo, Eleonora Baccari, Claudia Cappucci, Antonella Minacore, Irene Piccirilli and Erika Atteni
Search, select, truly understand and reinvent with creativity the shapes of the iconic pieces of the past. This is the most exciting challenge for the modern fashion designer for creating something completely new without forgetting his cultural heritage and hybridizing it with other suggestions. This is what the Koefia’s 46 young and talented designers have learned through the aesthetic exercise of their graduate collection.   

Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”: Chiara Coletti, Marella Padilla, Serena Campanell, Benedetta Biagianti,Alessia Forotti, Chiara Gullo, Flaviana Passante and Lucrezia Verso
The prestigious Roman fashion academy celebrates the richness of Eastern culture thanks to the partnership with the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, that offered all the incredibly beautiful and precious Batik fabrics, with different patterns depending of the various regions of origin, with which the Koefia’s students maneged to create very contemporary and glamourous outfits.

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Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”: Sofia Baeza, Alessandra Mattioni, Fatima Almgamez, Eleonora Manzella, Camilla De Marinis, Chiara Pernice, Chiara Allegrini and Agnese Del Sette
The Batik fabric, hand-dyed with natural pigments and often interwoven with metallic threads, is not used only in its traditional way. The designers reinvented it through padded surfaces, modern patchworks, plastifications and unusual combinations. They matched it with graphic prints and sophisticated embroideries, shining silks, optical effects, pvc and vinyl, coulds of tulle and layers of organza, metallic fringes and thin feathers.
Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”: Olga Smirnova, Elisa Di Trocchio,, Giulia Rizzi, Fatemeh Amini, Benedetta Reggiani, Claudia Carriero, Beatrice Giaccaglia and Alejandra Gonzales
From the past, they revitalized the shapes of the 19th-century Norkfolk hunting jacket or the elegant tailcoat, the allure of the Thirties charming Divas, the rich full skirts of the 50s, the flare 70s trousers, the bold shoulders and the powerful woman of the 80s. 

Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”: Anna Ginocchio, Roberta Stella, Valentina Battaglia, Roberta Giosa, Claudia Tarantini, Marian Bucciarelli, Emanuele Filiberto Comin and Erica Scudellari
An historical and cultural meltin’pot made with great care, with the desire of deeply understanding the lesson of the memory and to dive into the diversity of another culture. A really cool finish for Altaroma fashion week!
Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”: Giulia Prillo, Francesca Paternostro, Valentina Angius, Francesco Catalano, Fausta Palombo, Camilla De Santis and Caterina Corgnale
The 46 students who showcased their final project at Altaroma are:
Chiara Allegrini – Almgamez Fatma – Fatemeh Amini – Valentina Angius – Erika Atteni – Eleonora Baccari – Sofia Baeza – Valentina Battaglia – Benedetta Biagianti – Marian Bucciarelli – Serena Campanella – Claudia Cappucci – Claudia Carriero – Francesco Catalano – Chiara Coletti – Emanuele Filiberto Comin – Caterina Corgnale – Camilla De Marinis – Camilla De Santis – Agnese Del Sette – Elisa Di Trocchio – Alessia Forotti – Beatrice Giaccaglia – Anna Ginocchio – Roberta Giosa – Alejandra Gonzales – Chiara Gullo – Giusi Lotierzo – Eleonora Manzella – Alessandra Mattioni – Antonella Minacore – Marella Padilla – Fausta Palombo – Flaviana Passante – Francesca Paternostro – Chiara Pernice – Irene Piccirilli – Benedetta Reggiani – Giulia Rizzi – Erica Scudellari – Olga Smirnova – Roberta Stella – Claudia Tarantini – Lucrezia Verso – Valentina Zamai

Outfits of the collection “Memorabilia: The Impossible Wardrobe”

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