5 days dedicated to emerging designers at Milan Fashion Week with HERE Connecting Creativity

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5 days dedicated to emerging designers at Milan Fashion Week with HERE Connecting Creativity

Milan Fashion Week means dozens of ultra-glamourous fashion shows and events. Among them, the hub for new talents HERE Connecting Creativity decided to transform its spaces into a showroom for emerging fashion designers just coming from the best Italian fashion schools. 5 days in which buyers, mass media and insiders can discover their innovative collections and make interesting meetings.

The Italian fashion industry realized the importance of the generational turnover for the very survival of the business and now more than ever focus its attention on the new generation of designers, with many young designers in the schedule and a lot of interesting side events. 

HERE Connecting Creativity, a fashion hub that connect the Italian style with the productive realities in China and Hong Kong na dorganized alway many contests and appointments dedicated to new talents and fashion start-up, in collaboration with Déshabillé Magazine, decided to give a great opportunity to 25 emerging brands coming from some of the most important Italian fashion schools and some international contexts, like IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Istituto di Moda Burgo, Politecnico di Milano, Haute Future Fashion Academy, ITS Machina Lonati, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Istituto Modartech, NabaHarim Accademia Euromediterranea and Istituto Secoli.

HERE Connecting Creativity

Here the names of the emerging brands:

Mario Tonetti (Politecnico di Milano) – Elisa Aldecca (IED Moda Milano) – Cecilia Albicini (Istituto Modartech) – Roberto Priolo (IED Moda Milano) – Marica Di Dio (Harim Accademia Euromediterranea) – Silvia Masci (Istituto di Moda Burgo) – Grazia Ieva (Istituto di Moda Burgo) – Filippo Todisco (Istituto Secoli) – Nicole Nunzi (Università di Firenze) – Viliana Gadzheva (Haute Future Fashion Academy) – Simone La Bella (Naba) – Silvia Toffanin (Politecnico di Milano) – Chiara Cesaraccio (IED Moda Firenze) – Giulia Camata (IED Moda Milano) – Javio (ITS Machina Lonati) – Belchiz SerimGiulia Gherardi (IED Moda Milano) – Antonella Paglialonga (Accademia Belle Arti Bologna) – Camilla Carrara (Politecnico di Milano) – Chiara Riccò (IED Moda Milano) – Mara Gualina (IED Moda Milano) – Yudan (IED Moda Milano) – Stella (from China) – Francesca Locati (IED Moda Milano) – Youchen (IED Moda Milano)

For these young talents this is an amazing occasion to show their collections of apparel and accessories, and for fashion buyers, journalists and insiders this is a brilliant initiative to personally meet new interesting names and discover their creativity.

Don’t miss it! I’ll be there every day to make the report of the event, to meet some of my favorite young designers and to know someone new.

Where and when: From 17th to 21th September 11am – 6pm HERE Connecting Creativity Via Tortona 33 – Ares Tower 5° piano 20144 Milano info@here-cc.com

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