ACCADEMIA DELLA MODA at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

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10 powerful final collections, extremely creative and yet well balanced, rich of talent and inspirations. Accademia della Moda made its best, presenting one of the most beautiful fashion show at the latest edition of Fashion Graduate Italia.

The fashion show presented at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 by ACCADEMIA DELLA MODA of Naples was one of the best I’ve seen during the 4 days of events organized by Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda

If I had to express in only one word my impression, this could be “Glorious”. A term with great meanings that includes Greatness, Power, Luxury, Strenght, Beauty, but also Responsability and Honor. All wrote in capital letters, because they deserves importance especially in these days in which they are often too much abused, but that are really appropriate in this particular case.
The exhibition of Accademia della Moda at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

All the young designers of Accademia della Moda had, in their own particular way, expressed at the best this concept in all its connotations. They managed to interpret their own inspirations in new ways, with strong and authentic aesthetics, with spirit of research and desire of exploration and experimentation, with true emotion and personal partecipation.
As usual the fashion school was characterized by the excellence of its students in many fields, especially in fabric manipulation, but this year they add something extra. An aesthetic vision that made the collections modern and perfectly balanced each other in spite of the diversity of shapes and inspirations, with some creative peak and some true “coup de theatre“. 
The creations by Dalila Recchia, ex student of Accademia della Moda, at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019
Equally interesting was the exhibition of the students, with the
presentation of all their portfolios and of the collection made by
Dalila Recchia, one of the most talented ex-students of the school. I had the possibility of spaeking with most of the students, being involved in their visions, understanding their value and their passion for this job and the story that fashion can express. A light in their eys that is difficult to forget. Bravi!
Accademia della Moda at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 (Photo Credits: Fashion Graduate Italia)



“Stratification”, final collection by Fausto Vicidomini

In his final collection “Stratification” FAUSTO VICIDOMINI applied the ancient Chinese technique of “tufting”, originally used for the production of handmade carpets, contemporary fabrics to make unconventional the underground street-style menswear. With an intense chromatism and tactile sensations he creates waves of three-dimensional colors on the oversize shapes of jackets and coats.
“Face to Face”, final collection by Veronica Cascella
With “Face to Face” VERONICA CASCELLA pins our identity as a painting on a wall, as a portrait that represents our incredible human fragility and its fluid psychological and social forms. In a wearable and enjoyable collection, even with cheerful colors, the embroidered portraits are the expression of our disorientation and the triumph of image vanity.
“Not your Beauty Doll”, final collection by Imma Boccia
With “Not your Beauty Doll” IMMA BOCCIA made one of the most beautiful and conceptually interesting collections seen in the whole graduate fashion week. An open criticism of standardized ephemera that our society, fashion and beauty impose with their absurd canons, turning us into puppets. And so the ragdolls with woolen hairs and male genitals on sight are the emblem of this emptying of identities in favor of the primacy of image. By means of tufts of wool, volumetric proportions and textile inventions, the young designer really impressed me for her lucid and ironic vision.

“V for Vendetta”, final collection by Saverio Ventura

The collection by SAVERIO VENTURA intrigued me immediately, by making me feel the desire of stopping the models on catwalk to give a closer look to the outfits. Starting from the title “V for Vendetta” (maybe because it’s one of my favorite movies), for going to the details of newspapers peeping out from the cut-outs of the men’s oversize pieces. From the daily news, a scream that says “Stop!” against the tyranny of the strong who wants to subjugate the weak. Great final…the face of Hitler is couragiously and wisely ridiculed.
“Westmoor”, final collection by Nunzia Iovine
Interlacing of leather and rope embroideries, very long fringes and pieces of the Amish’s folklore revisited in shapes dedicated to a self-confident and strong woman, devoted to freedom. The collection “Westmoor” by NUNZIA IOVINE is mature, balanced, beautiful in the thousand of details (OMG the bags!), feminine in the shapes, curated in the artisanal workings, with interesting inventions, pleasant to wear. 

“Mineral Space”, final collection by Fabrizia Cacace

Only one word for “Mineral Space”, the collection designed by FABRIZIA CACACE: “Wow!”. Decidedly one of my favorite among all I’ve seen at Fashion Graduate Italia this year. For a very simple reason. Fabrizia managed to make a very difficult task for a young designer. To calibrate perfectly an incredible mix of elements: richness, preciousness, contemporary appeal, incredible quality, glamour never banal and an absolute sense of perfection. The precious crystals emerge with their brightness and colors from the dark stone represented by metallized fabrics. Beauty at its purest form.
“Zerosol”, final collection by Alessandra Biondillo and Malda Falco
Life on Mars. We wonder what it was, what it will be. This is the question made by two young students, ALESSANDRA BIONDILLO and MALDA FALCO, who worked together for creating the collection “Zerosol”, designed in function of a life at the extremes. The shapes are built for favoring the comfort, with oversize proportions, exasperated volumes and padded surfaces. But the particularity is the contrast between the glossy surface of the almost holographic vinyl and the couture texture, very tactile, of the goffered fabric inlays.

“Basic Instict”, final collection by Gabriella Mangiapia

I’ve seen the collection “Basic Instict” by GABRIELLA MANGIAPIA also during the fashion show “Sustainable Visions”. Her it’s a 100% sustainable processing made on natural fibers like nettle, hemp, linen, and ecological wool. The beauty of this collection is the fashionable approach to products, that makes her outfits not only ethically good, but also beautiful from the aesthetic point of view. Remarkable and impactful are the fabric manipulations that add a touch of color to the natural fabrics.

“New Knit”, final collection by Luca Di Fusco

Explosive, powerful, original. “New Knit” by LUCA DI FUSCO opens a new perspective on knitwear. The young and brilliant designer, gives to the wool a completely innovative aspect. If we were used to think about wool knit as something soft, we should change our mind. Luca makes it structural, rigid, enormous, theatrical and surprising. Very spot-on is the choice of the natural white of the wool, even better that of adding preciousness through openings of silver sequins between the giant cables, for transforming this collection in something totally original. Applause!

“Alienatio”, final collection by Dora Federica Nerone

The collection “Alienatio” by DORA FEDERICA NERONE has, at first sight, something that captures the attention. It’s maybe for the extremely graphic prints or for the very long sleeves (over 2 meters) that embrace the body as a straitjacket. But in the few seconds on catwalk, there was no time to understand the real value of this collection. Only listening the story behind it I had the possibility to understand the heartwarming theme of alienation, solitude and sufference of a man. This is the story of Carlo Zinelli, Italian artist of “Art Brut”, of his paintings before misunderstood and then glorified, of 40 years of isolation and then death. His paintings, given in concession from the artist’s family, become beautiful prints and silent screams that touch the heart.
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