FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

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Starting with a real surprise and with many talented young students, Ferrari Fashion School presented at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 one of the most interesting fashion show, rich of theatrical effects, beautiful chromatic combinations, ecological consciousness and a pinch of practicality.

Men and women walking on the catwalk with a great sense of self-confidence, wearing pieces that speak about experimentation, theatricality, glamour, femininity but also sustainability. At the latest edition of Fashion Graduate Italia, hold in the great spaces of BASE Milano

from 27th to 30th October 2019, FERRARI FASHION SCHOOL presented 10 capsule collections, capturing the attention of the public and mass media with many outfits not only refined and gorgeous, but with a concreteness that make them often ready for the market.

The exhibition of Ferrari Fashion School at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

This is one of the best features of this fashion school, that is able to conjugate the great creativity of its students with the requests of the real world, creating a very interesting hybridation between experimentation and wearability.

“Auxesia”, the new magazine by Ferrari Fashion School presented in preview at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019
Fashion Graduate Italia, besides of the fashion show, the academy presented also another innovative idea, “Auxesia”. A fashion magazine entirely realized by the students in collaboration with the professors and some contributors (including me!). Not a common mag, but the intention of promoting the talent of the students through beautiful fashion shootings and of involving them into a real teamwork for creating an interesting editorial project.
Elisa Gibaldi (the author) with Silvia Ferrari and Matteo Andreacchio of Ferrari Fashion School

What I’ve seen during the fashion show? A very high level of quality,
some pieces so enchanting and strong to become irresistible and
a remarkable mix of glamour and artisanal approach

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Capsule collection by Maka Varduashvili
The genuine and bold talent of MAKA VARDUASHVILI is surprising and her collection “Hell, Heaven in Earth” was one of the most eye-catching and strong I’ve seen during the graduate fashion week. It’s not a case that this designer was chosen to open the show. A start with a bang! Inspired by the “Divina Commedia” and by the ethernal fight between the good and the evil, the designer depitected a world in black, white and crystals, in which the people are continuously divided between the desire of salvation and the temptation of luxury.
Capsule collection by Erika Furnari
ERIKA FURNARI managed a hard task, that’s of transforming the simple shapes of a really wearable and sophisticated capsule collection into a spiritual journey inside the evolution of woman’s life. “M.O.S. Minimalism, Oblivion, Spiritualism” speaks about three different moments of life, in which we can pass from the attachment to material goods to the research of something more spiritual. A passage expressed not so much by the shapes, always refined in their simplicity, but by the use of colors, that go from the black to grey and white with just a pinch of a beautiful electric blue.
Capsule collection by Silvia Trivella
It’s all question of style. SILVIA TRIVELLA brought on catwalk a woman who doesn’t need excess or extravagance at all costs, also if the designer doesn’t renounce to a good dose of experimentation and fabric manipulation. “A Timeless Girl” speak about self-confidence, the pride of being feminine, the past and the present that are mixed together to create a new attitude. Silvia plays with the colors and the layers of transparencies and matt fabrics giving life to a very convincing and sophisticate collection.
Capsule collection by Monica Griffanti
The light structures built by Tomas Saraceno studying the spiders and using recycled materials, are the starting point for the sustainable capsule collection “Zero Gravity” designed by MONICA GRIFFANTI, selected also for the fashion show “Sustainable Vision” organized by Fashion Graduate Italia. The designers used 100% natural fabrics hand-dyed with coffee and turmeric. The final result is a harmonious ensemble of layered pieces, a soft movement of asymmetries, a relaxed mood that embraces Mother Nature without forgetting a touch of glam.
Capsule collection by Veronica Hosena
No title better than “Timeless” could have been more appropriate to describe this collection. Because, despite the virtuosity of unbrideled creativity, the real purpose of fashion is always that of wearing a body, making as much beautiful as possible. VERONICA HOSENA perfectly understood this concept and, with her final collection, played with the shapes of Constructivism and the colors of Avant-garde movements to give an artistic impulse to the choice, absolutely remarkable, of focusing on practicality and wearability.
Capsule collection by Giorgia Fazzari
How is the modern woman? What she needs? GIORGIA FAZZARI with her collection “Collateral Femininity” wanted to investigate the new role of women in society and the new perception of their bodies and personalitites. No more connected with a stereotype of sensuality or romance, the contemporary silhouettes created by the designer play with the contrasts of strenght and fragility, male and female, seductiveness and practicality.
Capsule collection by Monica Groppelli
Suppose to live the wild and crazy nights at Woodstock and wake up in the morning later. “The day after the party” designed by MONICA GROPPELLI turns the excesses of that period, of the euphoric rhythms of that boisterous music, into broken compact disks used as decorations for clothes worn quickly and assembled together as scrambled pieces. After the night what remains is a chaotic but refined wardrobe, worn with nonchalance by a woman who wants to explore also her dark side.
Capsule collection by Giorgia Ricetti
With “Behind the Wall”, GIORGIA RICETTI built two different worlds, one inside and another outside us. Working on the dual entity of every woman, the designer understood that there’s a great difference between what we are in our intimacy and how we commonly appear to others. And she decided to express this concept using destructured shapes, asymmetries and different fabric’s aspects. Preciousness for the hidden parts, neutrality for the external normality.
Capsule collection by Sofia Lenoci, Guido Torricella, Alessandro Sovilla, Georgiana Chirila and Silvia Caracciolo

The school gave the possibility to partecipate to the show also to a group of 5 students of the second year: SOFIA LENOCI, GUIDO TORRICELLA, ALESSANDRO SOVILLA, GEORGIANA CHIRILA and SILVIA CARACCIOLO. Everyone created one outfit, perfectly coordinated to each other and with a unique inspirational topic. The result was, in my opinion, exalting. “Ethernal Beauty” is an explosive combination of colors, with yellow and blue making love with the optical white. But, above all, it’s a very interesting exercise of experimentation and fabric manipulation. I really fell in love with the handmade fringed details and the volumetric shapes of coats and dresses. That’s good job, guys!

Capsule collection by Marco Bolzonello and Fabio Rotelli

The design duo formed by MARCO BOLZONELLO and FABIO ROTELLI gave life to a very technical collection inspired by the underground street-style, with reminescences of the late 90s Grunge and early 2000s rave party’s aesthetic. The oversize proportions are emphasized by the colors, with shades of nuances and bleached effects, but especially by the accessories. The giant sporty bags and backpacks have a plus of novelty in the squared shapes and in the use of denim that seems invading the spaces of ecoleather and canvas.

Final collection by the students of Ferrari Fashion School, presented at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

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