Glamour-à-porter with ISTITUTO BURGO at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

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Istituto di Moda Burgo at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

9 capsule collections that mix the glam of shining crystals to the colors of Mexico and  the elegance of feathers and pleats. The young students of Istituto di Moda Burgo brought on the catwalk of Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 all their talent and a decidedly delicious idea of fashion, in which innovation rhymes with sophistication.

There are two different ways of thinking for the graduate collections. Those that push on experimentation, often at all costs not caring the market needs, and those that prefer always giving the priority to wearability and elegance mixing skillfully the tailoring techniques with a hint of modernity.

The creations by the students of Istituto di Moda Burgo showcased at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019
The creations by the students of Istituto di Moda Burgo showcased at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

This last is the case of ISTITUTO DI MODA BURGO, that presented the final collections of 9 of its best students in the last edition of Fashion Graduate Italia 2019.

The young designers, all girls, presented their personal vision of refinery creating outfits that wink to the shapes of the past, revisited through an attentive and very pleasant contemporary taste. Nothing is left to chance and the brilliant designers give life to an interesting show in which every detail speaks about the desire of a return to femininity.

The creations by the students of Istituto di Moda Burgo showcased at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

Woman’s sensuality and charme are never banal and are built with great attention through the use of fluid lines, precious fabrics, shining crystals and sequins, embroideries and faux furs, cut-outs details and bold black leathers. Even in the sustainability there’s always the research of a pinch of modern romanticism.

The technique of moulage presented by Istituto di Moda Burgo at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019

The fashion school, that has headquarters all across the world, is famous for the concreteness of its method, for the sophistication of the students’ creations and for the inclination to a fashion that is first of all focused on beauty. As they demonstrated during the four days of FGI, in which the students created in front of public beautiful fashion sketches, handmade embroideries and couture dresses with moulage technique. The tradition that meets modernity.

Students of Istituto di Moda Burgo drawing fashion sketches during the exhibition at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019


Final collection by Leila Azhdarpoor

How to start a fashion show with a boom? Ask to LEILA AZHDARPOOR

who brought on runway all the glamour of the 70s between sparkling sequins and precious crystals. The luxury is extreme, but so pleasant to become very desiderable, never too much, but yet perfectly balanced with the experimental pointed shapes, the cropped lenghts, the game of PVC and tulle. For a WOW effect!

Final collection by Stefania Ripamonti Woodstock 2.0 for STEFANIA RIPAMONTI

who was ispired by the 50th anniversary of the legendary concert for a collection that wants to recall the desire of freedom typical of that period. She made it without nostalgy, giving a new impluse to the shapes of those years through modern fabrics and more fluid sihlouettes.

Final collection by Marcella Caiazzo

A urban vision took from the graffiti art and the graphics of the late 70s and early 80s is the inspiration of the final collection designed by MARCELLA CAIAZZO

The street style, with its oversize shapes, is in the big sleeves and in the powerful broad shoulders that play with the contrast of tight-fitting miniskirts and mini dress and the interesting asymmetries of the colorful prints.

Final collection by Sabrina Bearzotti

Sea plus Seventies. This is the creative combination of different concepts that inspired the capsule collection designed by SABRINA BEARZOTTI

So the fluid movements of soft silks represent the waves, the ocean’s shades just color the structured details and everything is dominated by the sun and the freshness of the breeze.

Final collection by Marina Lisyuk

Bold, self-confident and a bit aggressive. These are the women presented on catwalk by MARINA LISYUK

. Contemporary Valkyrie, real living myths wearing sexy asymmetrical jumpsuits, luxurious and colored faux furs, black eco-leather jackets, pleats and scenic sleeves.

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Final collection by Sofia Marchetti

The minimal shapes of Japanes style are mixed with the soft drapes recalling the 19th century blouses.


hybridazes the different cultures through the use of a unique color, the natural white of cotton and linen. The intent is that of recreating the peaceful environment of Zen gardens, the result is a quite, soft and delicate vision.

Final collection by Elisabetta Spatola and Yvonne Alvelais Barocio

give a boost of energy to the show, with a collection inspired by the Mexican street culture of the 70s. The chaotic metropolis of the Mexico relived in the messy prints, but especially in the manipulation of the fabric, that creates close drapes, frills and stretch effects emphasized by the strong and bright colors. Interesting!

Final collection by Erica Navone ERICA NAVONE

bets on the sophistication of pleats that decorate the outfits’ details. Everything is played on the calibrated game of contrast between empty and full parts and of asymmetrical colors. The pleats become the excercise of style for giving a touch of particularity to the soft and elegant look of the collection.

Final collection by Cristiana De Pietro

Sophistication is the term that better describes the graduate collection designed by CRISTIANA DE PIETRO

The primary source of inspiration comes from the nature, but it’s only a starting point for the designer, because nothing recalls in particular the natural shapes except for the use of feathers that decorate all the outfits, giving a very elegant touch to the silhouettes.

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