Velvet and stripes for the f/w 2020-21 collection by Francesca Liberatore

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The magic atmosphere of a cinema and 70s reminescences for the new precious collection presented by Francesca Liberatore during the Milan Fashion Week.

In a Milan Fashion Week dominated by ghosts and anxieties in which many shows were cancelled or made without public for an illogic fear, FRANCESCA LIBERATORE brought we back to a strange version of normality in which the dark mood and the references to “Joker”, the movie by Todd Phillips, become sophisticated and almost aristocratic.

Francesca Liberatore’s fall 2020 collection

The fall/winter 2020-21 collection “J-Kolombine-R” deserved a particular set, that of the Odeon Cinema in Milan, with the green-hair-models walking among the seated public, in a format that wanted to continue the aesthetic vision of the designer always in search of new ways to present her personal work.

Francesca Liberatore’s fall 2020 collection

The collection is a based on contrasts and on the return to some iconic pieces of male and female wardrobe reinterpreted with a pinch of nostalgia of the 70s mood and the magnificent allure of Mister Phoenix-Joker. Starting with the suits, real “trait d’union” of the entire collection together with the regimental stripes. For ending with the vest, interpreted with very deep neckline to show the lace shirt, in the classic wool fabrics or in knit, maybe emphasized by lurex stripes or velvet.

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Francesca Liberatore’s fall 2020 collection

Compared to the previous spring/summer collection, so fluid in the lines and light in the colors, this time Francesca explored more the overlapping of pieces and the range of neutral and warm colors, favouring brown, chestnut, beige and the shades of grey with which she played in contrast with sudden tones of red, peacock blue, purple, lilac, pink and yellow. Almost as if her girl had two opposite sides, divided between the desire for normality and the necessity of eccentricity.

Francesca Liberatore’s fall 2020 collection

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