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More than 23 partecipants coming from 8 different countries for a charity fashion contest launched by AIW Association for the Integration of Women and supported by our Platform. Three were the designers who won the challenge and proposed interesting models of facial masks against Coronavirus.

They come from Indonesia, Uk, Portugal, Philippines, Nigeria, Cameroon, Madagascar, Usa, Germany and of course Italy. 23 young fashion designers who decide to partecipate to a competition for charity organized by the no-profit AIW Association for the Integration of Women in collaboration with Dèshabillé Magazine and our Platform for emerging brands TFP TALENTS.

For the fashion competition we requested them to create new models of facial masks for facing the emergency of Covid-19, that will be realized by the migrant women supported by AIW. The donations will be used for helping the association to provide training programs and opportunities to refugee and migrant women in Modena.

Among all the projects of facial masks that arrived for the fashion contest, all really interesting, we selected 3 models that won the categories for design, inclusivity and feasibility.

Valentina Poltronieri

Valentina Poltronieri, young Italian talent from Bergamo, who studied at Istituto Marangoni in Milan and founded in 2017 her namesake label. She won for the category “Inclusivity” for a project inspired by children.

Ibrahim Ousman

Ibrahim Ousman is a 29 years old boy coming from Cameroon, who is in Italy since 2017 and works as a tailor. He won the category “Feasibility” for his project of easy-to-make facial msks inspired by African textiles.

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John Herrera

John Herrera, currently living in London, comes from Philippines where he studied at the Fashion Institute and, in 2008, opened his couture atelier. He won for the category “Design” for his sustainable facial masks in denim and recycled fabrics.

Here the names of all the other partecipants (in the gallery you’ll find all the projects and their portraits):

Agnese Ante – Anastasia Miranda – Antonio dell’Omo – Edeh Jessica – Edra Cruzeiro – Eileen – Elvira Marra – Federico del Ristoro – Filipa Melo – Filippo Regnani – Flore Mfezo – Francesca Rizzo – Grazia Ieva – Javio the Brave – Laura Zizzari – Lisa Galliotto – Marica Di Dio – Sara – Staiy – Tonia Salomè – Zapel

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