15 t-shirts for the TFP TALENTS’ fashion competition

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The young designers of the platform TFP TALENTS partecipated to the fashion competition made in collaboration with Never Tee Stop, interpreting the TFP’s logo with all their creativity and proposting beautiful t-shirt graphics.

The new fashion contest launched by our platform fr emerging brands and young designer for November seen an interesting challenge. The partecipants had to create the graphic print for the next official t-shirt of TFP TALENTS for 2021.

For supporting this fashion competition we asked a collaboration to Never Tee Stop, the interactive platform founded by Juriy Villanova and dedicated to fashion world, a real Social Fashion Lab in which fashion designers, stylists, illustrators, photographers, video makers, editors e influencers can interact for creating innovative projects.

The graphic winner of the fashion competition will be printed on t-shirts and produced by TFP TALENTS and, thanks to Juriy, sold from January 2021 on NTS Store.

We receive many interesting projects and that’s why we decided to give space to all the partecipants and their creations.

Giulia Sogna, the winner of the contest, proposes a giant pop-style mouth in fucsia that represents the will of young designers to be heard in the jungle of fashion system, where it’s not always easy to emerge. We will discover better her inspiration in a special article on TFP Mag

T-shirt by Giulia Sogna winner of the TFP TALENTS’ fashion contest

Erica Piacenza interprets the TFP’s logo as a balance for measuring the talent of young designer with the female intuition represented by the Schiaparelli’s hot pink.

Always strong shades also for the graphic proposal by Barone 1993, brand designed by Carmelo Natale Mazzuca, who uses the colors as medium for communicating serenity and energy.

Graphic print by Barone 1993

Martina Salvetti uses the colored 80’s style writings for a graphic print that represent the coolness and the creativity of overy designer part of the TFP TALENTS Community.

T-shirt graphic by Martina Salvetti

Roberta Rapisarda uses the metaphor of the infinite images of TFP’s logo seen through a smartphone for representing what actually connect the talent f many young designer in a difficult period like that we are living during the lockdown.

Graphic print by Roberta Rapisarda

Elvira Marra represents TFP as a house for new talents, a place that can give them the basis for building their future career and where to create everything they need for a new emerging brand.

Print by Elvira Marra

Federico Del Ristoro’s inspiration starts from a quote by Frida Khalo. He sees TFP as the brain food that gives life to the ideas of young designers and allows them to grow following a right pathway.

Graphic project by Federico Del Ristoro

Alessandra Aiello sees the social network as a kind of cage in which we are all distant, especially during this emergency in which we are all forced to stay only connected with our smartphones. But through the real contact of a Community we can return to see and live.

Ts-hisrt by Alessandra Aiello

Alessia Moroni wants to represent the fundamental basis for every designer, the sartorial dummy, the needle and the tape measure, for a return everything we need for making our job.

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Graphic idea by Alessia Moroni

Lisa Vertuani represents our logo through two almost dancing girls, ugging together for representing the idea of union and collaboration of a Community, that is at the basis of our fashion platform.

Graphic idea by Lisa Vertuani

Ludovica Roncadi sees TFP as something really modern and connected to the future, and in fact proposes a graphic avant-garde interpretation of the female body as a multi-colored android.

Ludovica Roncadi’s graphic print for the TFP t-shirt

Also Giorgia Cicatello gives a very futuristic vision of TFP TALENTS, using all the words featuring the services of fashion consulting and what we do for young designers as graphic elements for her print.

Graphic print by Giorgia Cicatello

Rosa Allocca draws a big anatomical heart around TFP’s logo, for representing the need of emotion and connection of every person, but also something green, a return to nature.

T-shirt designed by Rosa Allocca

Mahhi Studio, brand of the designer Mahnaz Ekthiary, uses the metaphor of the hands for representing the subconsious trip for knowing and accepting ourselves as we are. Hands that are opened to the world, but also to our inner side.

Graphic project by Mahhi Studio

Martina Bavaro sees TFP as a good rubber that cancels the superficial layers of the raw essence of an aspiring designer, revealing the talent in the layers below and exalting his creativity.

Graphic project by Martina Bavaro.

We want to thank all the designers partecipating our fashion competition for their great creativity and the beautiful feedbacks they gave to TFP TALENTS.

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