Fashion schools at Altaroma February 2021

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Italian fashion looks forward and thanks to the 3-days events of Altaroma, this time in a totally digital edition, dozens of young fashion design students had the opportunity to show their final works giving life to captivating short movies and being on runway despite all the difficulties of the moment. Because the future is in their hands and the show must always go on!

During the three days of the event, among virtual cattwalks and exhibitions, 6 important Italian academies and fashion schools presented the graduate collections of their students involving the public connected online with the Altaroma‘s platform through many interesting movies and a fashion show. Also if differently from the previous editions in which we had the possibility to see live the shows and speak with the designers, this was anyway a very special occasion for many new talents.


The virtual set was that created by the Altaroma’s organization in Cinecittà in Rome, in the same big studios where in the past great masters gave life to great pages of the best Italian and interantional Cinema. On catwalk were as usual beautiful models, ready to show for the first time the creations of the designers. In the backstage there was always the same excitement among the students and the school’s team.

the-fashion-propellant-koefia-altaroma (10)
Accademia Koefia graduate fashion show at Altaroma (foto credits: Koefia)

Not afraid by the lack of public and mass media, anyway connected by remote for following the event, the young students of Accademia Koefia looked to the future and to Futurism with their graduate collective collection entitled “Asymmetries of the Time”, presenting a really intense show and surprised for the even more strong impact of the designers’ creations. Today, in this very difficult and uncertain situation we’re living, courage is needed and Koefia took the risk for enhancing the final works of their students.

the-fashion-propellant-koefia-altaroma (3)
Handmade embroidery made by one Koefia’s student (foto credits: Koefia)

The incredible refinery of the the tailoring is the trademark of the fashion school, as well as the sophisticated research of unexpected materials and aesthetic solutions as well as for the attentive care for sartorial details. This time, helped also by innovative 3d modelling techniques in the projecting of the collection, the students arrived to a very high level of quality, reaching the excellence not only in terms of tailoring but also speaking about the strong image they gave to their models.

the-fashion-propellant-koefia-altaroma 20
Fashion 3D modelling for the graduate collection of the Koefia’s student (foto credits: Koefia)

They surprised us with incredibly beautiful flared pants and hyper-cool jumpsuits so wide to seem dresses, but especially for the bold vision connectect with the long dresses, the many prints and embroideries. Their graduate fashion show could have this motto: Remember the tradition, forget the tradition!

the-fashion-propellant-koefia-altaroma (9)
Graduate fashion show by Accademia Koefia at Altaroma (foto credits: Koefia)

These are the students partecipating to the fashion show:

Laura Baldassarre, Chiara Battelli, Benedetta Bini, Gaia Caponera, Dorotea Carloni, Noemi Casciano, Adele Cornelio, Ludovica Costalunga, Francesca D’Aurizio, Giorgia De Gregori, Graziana Di Rico, Anna Fantino, Eleonora Gagliardi, Eleonora Gavita, Giuseppe Iennarella, Andrea Isaza, Aurora Isoldi, Evgeniya Ivanova, Marika Lechiara, Laura Maddalena, Andrea Fernandez Maino, Margherita Maltinti, Natalie Mason, Carolina Mercado, Sara Mereu, Stefano Minnucci, Serena Mirra, Federica Oleandro, Alessio Pinnella, Camilla Riccobono, Lodovico Rotolo, Vinicio Santomo, Giulia Sartucci, Graziella Sirianni , Alessandra Somma, Dalila Spaccini, Chiara Sparascio, Carolina Spezzi, Ludovica Torge, Giordana Valentini, Valeria Venturini, Marta Viceré, Denise Zanella, Wang Zhe.

Accademia Koefia fashion show at Altaroma


Scene from “Applausi” by MAM Maiani Accademia Moda

At Altaroma, MAM Maiani Accademia Moda presented the fashion movie “Applausi”, dedicated to the Italian theaters closed by pandemic and to the people working in the field of fashion and show business forced to stay at home. The short film is almost a theatrical piéce thought for enhancing the final works of the Maiani’s students.

the-fashion-propellant-mam-maiani-accademia-moda-altaroma (2)
Scene from “Applausi” by MAM Maiani Accademia Moda

In the historical set of the “Teatro dei Ginnasi” in Rome, the movie is focused on the story of a young girl, of dancers and musicians who found again all the magic of art despite the theaters’ closure and the diffucult moment.

the-fashion-propellant-mam-maiani-accademia-moda-altaroma (4)
3D fashion sketch by Beatrice Bocci for the movie “Applausi” by MAM Maiani Accademia Moda

As for any art piece, the dresses are something more than simple fashion. More connected to the world of costume, we can find corsets and giant sleeves, huge wigs and zero-waste fabrics and embellishments that decore the big volumes. All designed by the talented students always having in mind the respect for the environment and the sustainable design process.

the-fashion-propellant-mam-maiani-accademia-moda-altaroma (1)
Scene from “Applausi” by MAM Maiani Accademia Moda (dress by Gulia Sogna)

Here the students who partecipated to the movie:

Francesca De Pietro – Ilaria and Ilenia Della Ceca – Veronica Marconi – Laura Martin – Rosa Mastrini – Asia Porena – Giulia Sogna – Beatrice Bocci – Gioia Carpentieri – Rosanna Ceraudo – Gaia Montesi – Chiara Nisticò

“Applausi”, fashion movie by MAM Maiani Accademia Moda


Always focused on experimentation and innovation, NABA presented at Altaroma its fashion movie “The Best of NABA – Fashion View”, a virtual show for the first time realized using the 3D reality that creates a metaphysical environments in which a selection of the best creations of the young fashion design students come to life.

Scene from the backstage of the fashion movie “The Best of NABA – Fashion View” presented at Altaroma (photo credit: Naba)

The short movie is a very interesting experimentation that leads the observer through ever-changing worlds that help people to overcome the boundaries of reality for finding a new ideal of beauty.

Here the NABA alumni involved in the project:

Lucia Grande, Sofia Interligi, Pierfrancesco Pierucci, Mar’yana P’yetsukh, Cristiano Ragazzoni, Melissa Riva, Serena Romei, Alessia Santoro, Niki Signoretti, Luisa Nunziata, Matteo Salamone, Franca Tomaino


Accademia Italiana presented at Altaroma its fashion movie “Syndrome”, a suggestive vision of the sensations of loss and confusion inspired the Stendhal’s Syndrome and set into a atelier, in which the protagonist of the film plays with the creations of the students that magically comes to life telling incredible and dreamy visual stories.

Image from the fashion movie “Syndrome” by Accademia Italiana presented at Altaroma (photo credit: Accademia Italiana)

Here the students come from the fashion school’s headquarters in Florence and Rome:

Carolina Anzalone, Amanda Biscossi, Federica Carella, Luca Carbone, Margherita Di Placido, Alessia Firrincieli, Lisa Fontani, Alice Fruendi, Andrea Lambiase, Alberto Maiorelli Immacolata Palermo, Rossella Prenestì, Chiara Pulcinelli, Federica Sestito

“Syndrome”, fashion movie by Accademia Italiana

IED Roma

The best of the IED Roma fashion design students’ works was presented at Altaroma in a short movie directed by Lorenzo Vignolo, Coordinator of the Video Design and Filmmaking course.

Scene from the fashion movie by IED Roma

A mix of backstage moments, scenes from catwalks and experiences in the fashion school daily life among fashion shootings and sketching collections, but especially of oniric visions taken from short fashion movies realized in the last periods by the IED’s students.

Scene from the fashion movie by IED Roma

On screen we’ve seen works like the short movies “The Abstract Problem”, directed by the students Edoardo Boccale and Lorenzo Balestriere, and “Petricore”, with the styling by Sara Rhodio and directed by Sofia Secchiari, but also the fashion design projects realized by Lorenzo di Gianbattista, Federica Galletta and Tommaso Paoles.

IED Roma fashion movie


One of the most interesting fashion movies seen at Altaroma was that created for enhaning the creativity of the students of Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. “Private 4” is a surreal vision of the capsule collections realized by the ABA Roma’s students, that take life in virtual environments creating different atmospheres connected with the designers’ inspirations.

These are the students involved in the project:

Federica Oliva, Domitilla Damiani, Claudia Locatelli, Ian Ver Lacerna Lorenzo, Susanna Picchiami, Giulia Fastellini, Arianna Ferrara, Erika Chiaverini, Aurora Promutico, Francesco Di Donna, Camilla Frasca, Leonardo Ferri

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