The 6 best fashion shows of Altaroma 2021

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For the first time in a totally digital edition, Altaroma made its best for bringing on catwalk the most interesting young emerging designers and for giving support to the new talents of Made in Italy.

3 days of digital events set in the great spaces of Cinecittà in Rome, the land of the Italian Cinema’s history, organized by the team of Altaroma for continuing the work for supporting the new wave of fashion design also in a very difficult situation like that we are living.

Despite the emergency that makes everything more chaotic and uncertain, Altaroma manage to organize a very big virtual event, connecting public, buyers, fashion journalists and fashion designers through a specific digital fashion platform in which we ha the occasion to see closely fashion shows, fashion movies and all the talks and video conferences planned for giving life to an intense program.

The number of this digital edition are impressive. Almost 100 fashion designers partecipated to the event, with 14 fashion shows and more than 50000 people watching in live streaming the event. A successful edition focused in particular on sustainability, with more than the 60% of emerging fashion brands that embraces this eco-friendly new approach.

Among the many things seen on runway and in the fashion movies we’ve selected our favorite. Here the best collections presented at Altaroma.

Federico Cina

“A Emilia” is the title of the new fall/winter 2021-22 by FEDERICO CINA presented today in live streaming at Altaroma.

The collection takes inspiration from a street map print realized by the photographer Guido Guidi and the connection between Milan and Romagna passing through the ancient street called Emilia.

Federico Cina

Between modernity and the recovery of old traditions, the reality of daily life and the dream of the designer’s childhood, the collection redifines menswear and women swear stereotypes creating a very unique genderless style made of deconstructed oversize shapes, old-fashioned but relived knitwear mantle-like sweaters and iconic grape prints. Once again Federico emerges for his incredible point of view of the world.

Casa Preti

The fashion show of CASA PRETI was a real fresh breeze at Altaroma! The brand is founded by the artistic duo made by Mattia Piazza, tailor, and Steve Gallay, architect. An intriguing match of expertises that makes this brand decidely interesting.

The f/w 21-22 collection presented at Altaroma takes inspiration by a unique, simple word…”Love”…”Ama”, intended as verb and declined into its many possibilities.
The show was divided into two moments, one more conceptual and almost intimate, the second decidedly more energetic.

Casa Preti

Love Is the Van Eyck’s Arnolfini couples printed on t-shirts, is the warm hug of a furry and sparkly oversize coat, is in the apparent simplicity of certain models that finally explodes into a triumph of giant sleeves and asymmetries, in the perpetual love represented by the connected girls united by a unique long two-verses dress.

Alexandre Blanc

The sophisticated f/w 21-22 collection by ALEXANDRE BLANC was a real triumph of true feminity. Impossible to not fall in love for his refined but sensual and very elegant outfits revealing the real essence of female beauty through deep necklines and the waist underlined by 50s style silhouettes.

Best pieces of the collection are the trench coat (declined also as short jacket) and the gorgeous big polka dots decorating both silks and his gorgeous boots.

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Alexandre Blanc


There is an entire intimate world inside the the fall/winter 21-22 collection of the brand GALL. The designer Justin Gall this time has thought to a inner space called “Nydia” (home) that envelop the bodies within a secure and protective shell.


Continuing his path in a new post-apocalyptic vision and reflecting on the pandemic situation that forced us to stay more at home, the American designer (who produces in Italy) designs his classic padded coats and jackets giving to his men the aspect of real survivors in search of safety e in need of a warm hug.

The best of Rome is my Runway

Rome is my Runway is the collective fashion show in which every evening four selected fashion designer had the occasion to showcase their collections.

In the first evening we’ve seen on catwalk the creations by MARIA SAPIO for her f/w 21-22 fashion show. She is probably one of the most interesting names of Italian knitwear. At Altaroma the designer presented a poetic and artistic collection in which the knit becomes the excuse to transform her dreamy vision into something tangible.
The architectural lines created by the weaving techniques play with the soft and suggestive shapes of female clothing with some reference to the history of fashion but always seen with a very modern point of view.

Maria Sapio

Our friend Lisa Tigano surprises us another time with all the delicacy and sure confidence of her brand ELLEMENTI, that presented the new capsule collection for the fall/winter 2021-22.
As in a puzzle we can find both chaos and order, creation and deconstruction, in the Lisa’s collection we can see all the elementary elements (and forgive me the repetition) of her philosophy. Essentiality in the colors always chosen for their solid aspect, overlapping of layers but without any frivolous intent, sustainability in the real sense of the word and a pinch of irony that’s always intriguing. Yes, we love her!


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