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It’s a wonderful world of fantastic characters the one created by the students of Accademia Koefia and showcased at Altaroma in the first day of the fashion week dedicated to emerging talents.

Is not always easy to take inspiration by the world of myths, legends and symbols. The risk is that of being predictable and of creating clothes halfway between costumes and fashion.

A challenge well played by the 36 students of Accademia Koefia, one of the most prestigious and important of Rome (and one of my favourite in Italy!). On catwalk at Altaroma, in a digital fashion show in live streaming, the black background of the set enhanced the ethereal and oniric presence of the models dressed by the young fashion designers in their graduate fashion show entitled “Crea|tu|res“.

A dreamy world that wanted to build a parallel reality dominated by symbolism and fantasy. The concept of creation itself is interpreted by the Koefia’s talents as something to rebuild themselves through the ecstatic pleasure of the beauty, through the perfection of Haute Couture and the suggestion of a fairy inspiration.

From the nymphs to Alice in Wonderland, passing through white angels and the darker characters of our imaginary, the students were able to give life to fascinating and experimental pieces of art in chiffon, knit, handwoven fabrics, ruffles and feathers, precious embroideries and romantic or unexpected prints.

The decorations in all their shapes are the absolute protagonists of the outfits designed by the Koefia’s students: tribal masks, tarot, watercolors prints, patched hearts, fringes of knit, embroidered crowns and crosses, egyptian-style gemstones. Embellishments of all kind that make more unique the always perfectly tailored creations typical of this fashion academy, specialized in Haute Couture and completely dedicated to the preservation of Italian sartorial heritage.

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Once again the students surprised me for the incredibly high level of technical perfection and, time after time, for the effective modernity of the styling. Here their names:

Maria Chiara Allegretti, Greta Barbieri, Cecilia Beltrametti, Ludovica Brisi, Luca Maria Cappelli, Lucrezia Carnevali, Matteo Cece, Sara Cicchilli, Francesca De Filippis, Alice De Gasperis, Lize De Jongh, Laura Di Paolo, Francesca Di Pietro, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Flavia Ferraresi, Stephanie Ferreira, Francesca Gervaso, Simona Giusti, Andreina Gjuzi, Caterina Gucciardi, Ilaria Lattanzio, Maria Cristina Luciani, Sofia Marchetta, Ylenia Marcovecchio, Mehdi Hadj Nassar, Alessia Pecchioni, Giulia Perna, Alice Pinto, Benedetta Prete, Lorenzo Proietti, Rossella Rizzo, Selvaggia Rosato, Emanuela Segreto, Francesca Romana Sticca, Rosa Venanzi Rullo, Xin Yang.

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