IED Roma Fashion Show 2021 at Altaroma

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A collective fashion show in which the young talents of fashion and jewelry design of IED Roma showcased the best of their creativity, proposing new points of view on menswear and womenswear. At Altaroma, the show presented by the Roman fashion school was one of the most creative and innovative.

A real “Explosion” of talent and creativity as suggested by the title of the collective graduate fashion show presented at Altaroma, the kermesse dedicated to the new wave of Italian fashion, by the students of IED Roma. 12 young fashion designers and 6 talented jewelry designers just graduated at Istituto Europedo di Design in Rome, who joined their inspirations and fantasy to propose a very interesting fashion show. Special Guest of the show was Martina Sambucini, Miss Italia 2020.

Martina Sambucini, Miss Italia 2020, wa the special model of the IED Moda Roma fashion show at Altaroma

Protagonists of the graduate final show seen at Altaroma Fashion Runway were the collections of the Fashion Design course Mattia Russo, Silvia Felli, Matilda Menozzi, Michela Martino, Alessia Giacchetta, Lorenzo D’Aquilo, Leonardo Maria Nanni, Marco Gabriele, Federica Galletta, Isabella Mazzei, Matteo Minciarelli and Cristian Rizzo.

Their outfits were made more precious and particular by the creations of the young students of the Jewelry Design course Alice Pietrantoni, Domitilla Camponeschi, Andrea Miniero, Emanuela Fletzer, June Wu and Elena Caprio.

Different suggestions and world conjugated by the love for unbridled creativity and experimentation, new perspective and sometimes unusual solutions. The IED’s young designers redesign the concept of boundaries, mixing genders and hybridizing shapes and inspirations.

Particularly intersting are the new proposals for menswear made by designer like Lorenzo D’Aquilo, who proposed a modern and soft vision of a Dandy loving flounces and organza ruffles, Cristian Rocco Rizzo, who showcased a very fancy and exaggerated capsule collection in which the men’s clothing rules are totally subverted, and Mattia Russo, who worked on experimental transforation of the garments with a touch of avant-garde vision. No more differences between male and female in the beautiful graduate collection designed by Leonardo Maria Nanni, who revisited the jackets and coats of 19th century with girlish colors and heavy aristocratic decorations.

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For the womenswear insted we assisted to the contrast of opposites, in a real escalation of fantasy and creativity. We passed from the natural nude shades of the cloudy tulle ruffles of the pieces created by Isabella Mazzei, to the asymmetries and multiple layers of basic colored clothes designed by Silvia Felli, up to the contemporary and conceptual research of materials made by Alessia Giacchetta for the her 5 avant-garde outfits, or to the natural and sophisticated femininity of the Federica Galletta‘s collection that winks to the textile traditional techniques revisited in a modern way.

Moving toward a more unleashed imagination, we found the captivating and colored sensuality of the creations halfway between underwear and apparel by Matteo Minciarelli, for going then to the “black swan” that inspired the black and white capsule collection rich opf feathers and exaggerated volumes by Michela Martino, for finally going to excesses with the flashy and decidedly captivating “bondage couture” and ultra-luxurious collection designed by Marco Gabriele.

Explosion is the magnetic force that draws us to the outside, creating a chain reaction. In times like these, those who work with creativity and fashion have the opportunity to transform dissonances into unexpected connections and highlight the particles of a new, fluid energy that is released on the catwalk

Paola Pattacini, Director of IED Moda Roma

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