The lucid dreams of Istituto Secoli Fashion Show 2021

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How will be the future of Italian fashion? Which new aesthetics and visions are waiting us? The answers could be discovered within the astonishing creations seen in the virtual catwalk of Istituto Secoli Fashion Show 2021.

There is a reason why we love so much the young designers coming from Istituto Secoli and this important fashion school. We can summerize the reasons in two simple words, perfection and reputation.

Perfection because in the years I always seen the continuous research for the excellence in every single detail, in the aestehtic mood of the collections, in the strong boldness of the designers’ concepts. Reputation because the fashion school’s story speaks for itself and the mastery of its method and students are well known.

the-fashion-propellant-istituto-secoli-fashion-show-2021-SFS 2021 fGENERAo
SECOLI Fashion Show 2021 (Photo by Daniele Venturelli )

In the previous editions of the Secoli Fashion Show, before the pandemic forced us to drastically change our habits, I was used to sit in the first rows for admiring the students’ creations just near the catwalk. Those by Istituto Secoli are always great graduate fashion shows, really spectacular and made in great style.

But this time I have to admit that the virtual fashion show was a really great idea, for having the possibility to better see the collections and for completely understanding the scope and the importance of the new aesthetic vision brought forward by the Secoli’s students.

A lucid dream set in a total white minimal environment that enhanced the strong points of the various collections: volumes and colors.

the-fashion-propellant-istituto-secoli-SFS 2021 rGENERAa
SECOLI Fashion Show 2021 (Photo by Daniele Venturelli )

GE.NE.RA is the reconsideration of fashion in all its aspects, a look to the future in which we try to find a concrete human connection between us and the digital world through the media we invented over the millennia for expressing ourselves. A travel through art, music, video, social media, photography and communication for finding the next steps of our evolution.

27 fashion designers were the protagonists of the graduate fashion show, divided into four thematic moments. A continuous connection between real and unreal, imagination and concreteness, digitalization and perceptions.

The 4 collections GE.NE.RA analyzed the present and the future exploring different fields of the virtual world:

  • the augmented reality, in which the exasperated volumes and the asymmetries play with color blocks. Designed by Valeria Simonova, Federica Dondi, Nicole Apruzzese, Jana Melekova, Simonetta Alvino, Irene Fabbri, Giulia Uglietti, Maia Torreggiani, Noam Guttman.
  • the holographic photography, with hyper-perfect white and electric blue suits and metalllic and opalescent details. Designed by Elisa Dalai, Martina Zonta, Giorgia Proietti, Laura Frattini, Pyeongjin Kim, Elena Artoni.
  • the video art making, in which the movies scenes become innovative prints that play with the technique of collage. Designed by Martina Valsesia, Chiara Zappa, Elena Oggioni, Dara Jolanda Bestazzi, Serena Ambrogio, Yuxin Xie.
  • the video music, revisiting the shapes of rock music with innovative solutions for a very contemporary menswear. Designed by Carlo Alberto Guarini, Alessandro Di Cesare, Manuel Serio, Leonardo Antonio Carrieri, Luca Rainero, Riccardo Pedron.

Also this year the 3 best fashion students selected for the Secoli’s creative project “Designer to Watch” had the possibility to present their capsule collections.

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Anna Peretto designed her collection “Irrazionale Equilibrio” in collaboration with Moncler and was inspired by the kinetic art pieces by Alexander Calder and by the artistic movement “Assemblage”. Halfway between an innovative lingerie and a sartorial project, the bold beautiful collection was entirely thought in black, white, red and nude for a very strong impact.

Giovanni Notarnicola presented “Metamorphosis“, an impactful menswear collection that redefines the concept of men’s fashion abandoning the stereotypes in favor of an eclectic, extravagant but super-modern vision made of re-tailored jackets and classic male pieces enlivened by gorgeous decorations and wonderful kaleidoscopic digital prints.

Federica Passera showcased the collection “Identità Fluide”, made in collaboration with Moncler, in which the young fashion designers investigates the concept of identity inspired by the theories of the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. A trip in the digital fluidity in which the human being almost lost itself, a dive into a Matrix-style parallel universe in which the padded surfaces are alternated to the stretch printed shapes and to the exaggerated “couture” volumes.

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