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AFOL Moda took part in the Fashion Graduate Italia 2021 like every year, showing the creations of 8 young Fashion Design talents.

On the catwalk we saw the collections created by the young emerging designers of AFOL Moda dedicated to women, underwear and childrenwear. 

The garments were made by the students of the Advanced Tailoring – Atelier courses, Basic Clothing Pattern Making and Advanced Clothing Pattern Making.

Afol moda stand at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

Claudia Traja – AND ADULT WORLD + Camilla Fucili & Beatrice dalla Rosa – ME AND I

On the Graduate runway we have seen at the same time two fashion collections dedicated to children, created by 3 different emerging fashion designers.

Childrenwear collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

Claudia Traja’s collection represents an adult world in which today’s children have to grow up and with which they have to confront.

Taking inspiration from different architectures the designer gave life to the minimal style, geometric lines and volumes.

The choice of recycled fabrics and recovered from scraps represents one of the most important phases of the research for the creation of the collection.

While Camilla Fucili and Beatrice dalla Rosa wanted to express through their collection the idea of rebellious children mimicking the adult world. The original style of this collection steals ideas from the wardrobe of the parents to mix them in an original and personal way. The overlapping of fabrics and jacquard combinations make the different looks unique. 

Elisa Thiam – MON ETRE

Elisa Thiam’s collection starts from introspection and the search for one’s own nature. 

The garments represent the idea of a generous femininity, where primitive and sophisticated shapes evoke their origins and give shape to a warrior, which is also fickle and delicate. 

Elisa Thiam collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

The contrast between the many sides of the same woman is also emphasized by the use of light and soft materials counterposed to heavier fabrics and different sewing and textile manipulation techniques. 

Clarissa Balossi – INSTABILE 

Clarissa Balossi created a collection dedicated to lingerie that plays with contrasts, overlapping and layering to convey her idea of sensuality femininity and beauty.

‘Instabile’ is an emotional rhapsody, an intertwining of continuous mood swings that go to opposite extremes.

The resulting confusion is enhanced by the absinthe, which colours with its unmistakable shade the whiteness of the underwear collection, whose perfect structure, always in precarious balance, only grants an unbalanced and distorted image of itself. 

Daniele Cavallo – 4 BODY 

The collection presented by Daniele Cavallo is a real explosion of bright and saturated colours, contrasts, prints and shapes.

The garments recall a futuristic fashion world, created by games of shades, strong and bold patterns and overlapping high volumes.

The cut and silhouette of the clothes reminded us of the style proposed by Thierry Mugler in some of his past collections. There is a strong reference to archival fashion, but proposed with a definitely more contemporary and personal interpretation.

Daniele Cavallo collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

The body and the awareness of oneself are the key point of the research: the ideal place to express oneself without fear of the emotions.

The dynamic balance is told through embroidery and contrasts with the structured lines of the garments. An urban, self-centered collection that loves to make different styles coexist.

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Tony Zumbo – OLTRE 

Tony Zumbo presented an entirely monochromatic collection on the catwalk, which however is extremely dynamic and interesting.

The dominant, or better said the only, colour is white, which is enhanced through large volumes, super built voluminous sleeves and skilful tailoring cuts, which give the garments a certain complexity and importance.

Tony Zumbo collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

The collection wants to tell an inner journey that starts from the liberation from the constraints imposed, from the explosion of the deepest self, often overwhelmed by boulder-like anxieties.

“OLTRE” represents freedom, liberation and rebirth.


Luigi Minó – SEIJAKU 

The Luigi Minó collection represents the body as the main protagonist, which claims its uniqueness through an unveiled nudity.

Luigi Minó collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

The garments recall the graphic signs painted on the naked bodies of African tribes mixed with the typical rigor of Japanese kimonos, they come together in this capsule with skilful weaves and a couture imprint.

Luigi Minó collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

There is a play of intertwining fabrics, materials and colours, enhanced by the use of fringes and carvings.

On the catwalk the only color that is shown is a touch of blue inserted on all the pieces, otherwise the palette is made up by neutral shades, such as black, grey and white. 

Luigi Minó collection at Fashion Graduate Italia 2021

Article by Federica Macheda

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