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IED Istituto Europeo di Design took part in Fashion Graduate Italia 2021 by Piattaforma Sistema Educativo Moda. 

The eight talented emerging designers from IED Istituto Europeo di Design presented their creations at the fashion show “FUTURE STARTS SLOW”: the young students were selected to represent the creative force of the almost 3,000 fashion students of the IED Group. 


The capsule collections for men, women and genderless people by Chiara Autiero, Paolo Belleri, Dara Silva Bulleri, Andrea De Simone, Yoana Dimitrova, Alessia Giacchetta, Valeria Nicoletti and Gaia Romoli are a blend of experimental solutions, contemporary languages, as well as cultural heritage of their origins, memory, diversity and uniqueness.

IED emerging designers at Fashion Graduate 2021 (Photo by Daniele Venturelli )

Dara Silva Bulleri – NÓS, pronome com função de sujeit

Dara Silva Bulleri expresses through her capsule collection her wish to celebrate the Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage according to typical aesthetic and spiritual canons, the beauty and ancestral origins of the place. 

The fabrics are light, soft and beautifully layered. Rouches and overlaps give volumes and dynamisms to the clothes. 

Black and white intertwined and reticulated masks adorn the faces of the models parading down on the catwalk.

The colour palette is based only on black and white, giving the garments an intrinsic elegance. 

Paolo Belleri – Placebo Experiment 

The purpose of the graduate collection created by Paolo Belleri is to accompany the viewers into an anaesthetised and at times aseptic atmosphere of white clothes featuring exasperated volumes, overlapping of garment parts and padded human dummies.

Paolo Belleri collection at Fashion Graduate 2021

The young designer’s goal is to leave the observer free to interpret an open ending and to feel and understand their own emotions. 

Alessia Giacchetta – Archivio 

The collection by Alessia Giacchetta describes each individual as a living archive, made up of stories, memories, sensations and objects that make up their personal and subjective memory. 

Heavy and dark materials alternate with transparent and light-coloured fabrics, like organza, padded structures and skin-like corset.

Weaving, overlapping and skilful tailoring inspired by men jacket give importance to minimalistic garments with the final effect that is elegant and complex.

Yoana Dimitrova – SERAC

Yoana Dimitrova’s collection starts out from the beauty of Mount Everest to create garments inspired by the fusion of nature and soul, the tradition of faraway places, and travel that is not only physical but also emotional as well as cultural. 

Knitted elements, fringes, ruffles and ruches give dynamism to the garments, making them unique and special.

Yoana Dimitrova collection at Fashion Graduate 2021

Strong is the reference to the world of the mountains and hiking, there are in fact several recognizable elements of the technical clothes such as the cords, drawstrings and technical fabric inserts.

Chiara Autiero – KAÍ

The collection created by Chiara Autiero starts from her personal reflection on the importance of physical, intellectual and emotional contact to design a collection that is a hymn to life, a return to the significance of existence. 

The garments created thanks to a skilful use of tailoring are a perfect balance between shapes and colours, revealing unexpected details.

The carvings give life to new silhouettes and geometric references that make the collection irreverent, dynamic and decidedly interesting.

Valeria Nicoletti – Lo spessore dell’aria 

Valeria Nicoletti’s graduate collection emphasises how in recent months the enemy has been identified as something invisible and how this idea must be subverted by focusing on the beauty of the intangible.

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The garments are a skilful and complicated mix of fabrics, interweaving, overlapping and carvings.

Valeria Nicoletti collection at Fashion Graduate 2021

The color palette plays with tone on tone shades and consists of neutral, earthy and desaturated tones, used with the games of overlapping.

Gaia Romoli – Pantomime 

Gaia Romoli observes through her collection how the pandemic has taken away emotional signs on people’s faces.

The garments are a literal indication of feelings, facial expressions, and moods, thanks to drawings, paintings and embroideries that show people’s eyes and faces on the clothing, emphasizing their emotions and expressions. 

Gaia Romoli collection at Fashion Graduate 2021

The shapes and silhouettes of the garments recall the world of the theater and the circus, as if the models made the catwalk, the stage of a theatrical performance.

Andrea De Simone – Q=mcΔ

Andrea De Simone analyses the concept of distance and loneliness to design a collection that aims to break down cultural and social differences, praising individual diversity and the uniqueness of the individual. 

The absolute protagonist is a skilfully designed outerwear, with large padded volumes, which give a new interpretation to puffed jackets. 

Textile carvings of bright and saturated hues alternate with dark and black shades.

Andrea De Simone collection at Fashion Graduate 2021

Everything is made even more interesting by the use of accessories, in particular mini bags and fanny packs in different colours that make the outfits even more captivating.

Article by Federica Macheda

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