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This year Naba Academy took part in the Fashion Graduate 2021 in Milan showcasing the best creations from their emerging young students.

On this occasion, Naba presented “NABA-PLANET dresses” to expose their own reflection on the need of the planet. The main goal is to reevaluate the way we dress, to create new values ​​and to identify new languages ​​to describe fashion, focusing on the sense of responsibility and awareness as a creative tool.


During the runway show, the fashion academy presented the best projects of the Fashion Design Area: the collections of alumni Nicola Cudazzo, Marco Santini, Lucia Carmagnola, Francesca Quagliano, Oliver Stromsater, Andrea Boccadoro of the BA in Fashion Design and Silvia Cannarella, Julia Salvarani, Bartu shown on the catwalk Basoglu, Matteo Turchi, Arianna Gaudioso of the MA in Fashion and Textile Design.


The fashion designers told their stories through their experiences and projects that are intertwined with their expectations and desires for the future, with great creativity and resourcefulness, experimenting with the languages ​​of fashion. The students used different means of expression and mixed techniques to tell their ideas, to communicate their point of view.

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Article by Federica Macheda

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