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For this edition of Altaroma, fashion once again becomes cinema, parading and broadcasting from studio 5, the iconic studio, that of Federico Fellini, bringing to the catwalk the best collections and creations of young designers and emerging brands.

The organizers have thrown their hearts beyond the obstacles determined by the worsening of the pandemic, choosing not to forgo their role in supporting all young innovative and sustainable brands and emerging start-ups, which count on the support of institutions to ensure continuity of their growth path.

Through the digital platform, which for this year fashion shows was completed with an app, it was possible to follow all the scheduled appointments, and at the same time, for professionals, access to reserved areas in which to meet and interact with the designers themselves.

Here are the best of the collections presented at Altaroma, on the third and last day of the fashion event.



The FW22 collection by Italian Family is a psychedelic trip into an Arabic garden, like one of the most beautiful stories told by “The Thousand and One Nights”, with its sinuous geometries, immersed in its vivid and contrasting colours. All told through the brand origins, the Neapolitan Tailoring. A sartorial tradition, however, that mixes the Made in Italy know-how with elements coming from different worlds.

Bold tie-dye, arabian-style and animal prints and patterns alternate with colour block garments. There is also a game of contrasts in the use of different fabrics like knitwear pieces, tailored suits and a mix and match of styles clearly inspired by a 70s mood.


Gretel Zanotti has decided to accompany her viewers towards the search for treasure lying in the darkest depths of oneself, seeing in the calm and strong energy power that characterizes the Winter an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the ego, listening to the power of inherent nature in the human being.

GRETEL Z. dresses up as a ferryman of spirits: a real guide ready to welcome you e
accompany you in the discovery of the fascinating otherworldly world.
The creative process, which led to the birth of a collection with colors all dedicated to celebration of the beauty of Mother Earth, it is inspired by cultures spread since the dawn of time in all over the world, who see death as a change of state, a transformation that allows to the soul to return to the Light to the Infinite.

Not surprisingly, the garments belonging to this collection are evidence of the energy flow that lights up the temple resident in Man. Remaining faithful to the handwork of the finest fabrics, typical of Made in Italy for excellence, with its precious crystals and its graceful feathers, the young fashion designer gives life to dresses that are enriched with details such as hand-painted esoteric symbols: snakes, pomegranates, magical plants and lotus flowers.

The emerging fashion brand offers its public a cultural immersion to discover magical concepts, presented in the form of clothes aimed at clarifying and investigating the hidden mystery behind the appearance of rites, symbols, traditions aimed at interior illumination, which is the result of personal research or initiation, with the aim of transforming the woman who takes them wears in an enchantress: a determined woman, a passionate lover like the implacable ones
witches of the ancient era.



Annagiulia Firenze latest collection is inspired by the world of Sport, the set of activities that engages the psychophysical abilities of the athlete.

Taking example from this magical year that has made us sometimes forget about the pandemic, the sporting events that have taken place have joined and passionate more and more people of all ages.

The care of the body as if it were a temple, the connection to our most instinctive part, wearing comfortable garments, daily constancy and dedication are just some aspects of sport that have inspired the brand for this collection.

Natural materials of great value to make garments designed to last over time, practical cuts and unusual details for the world of sport but very faithful to the aesthetics the fashion brand gave life to a Casual Couture collection.


Maria Sapio with the FW 2022-23 fashion collection outlines a path which shapes and evolves slowly, exactly like the landscape during a trip. The concept takes inspiration from the softness it transmits nature merging with the geometries of modern architecture. The color palette is tinged with cold and soft tones, reflecting
the body and soul of the woman who represents it.

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Past and future coexist in symbiosis: the craftsmanship of the hand-made blend with the workings made on electronic knitting machines, always placing the focus on advanced age and sustainability of made in materials Tuscany.
“ARVA” is synonymous with freedom and lightness. It is the representation of a new vision of knitwear, creating garments that with the help of air defy gravity. The emerging fashion brand collection is a story from a fairy tale contemporary art and an expression of infinite possibilities of the knitwear.


The “Carneval Caos” fashion collection by Orequo arises from the transformation of the natural elements represented in the “Maschere” scarf collection. Colombina, Arlecchina, Corallina and Silvia reborn in the ready to wear prints, with ornamental and dynamic lines that recall the liberty style.

The overlapping of figures and colours design full and lively images, almost chaotic that bring the imagination to create its own story on each print. In this way, every garment adapts to every personality or to the “mask” we want to wear.
The elegant decorative style and the gentle, sinuous lines of the harmoniously braided succession of elements make every item unique and feminine.
Finally, the elegant notes of the collection are combined with bright and contrasting colours, to give an exotic and eccentric touch that projects us towards a summer full of style and originality.


“WOMAN” is the fashion collection presented on the Altaroma runway by SARTORIA 74, from the name itself you can perceive how the young designer wants to represent the woman as an inspirational muse thanks to her own essence and richness.

With these garments the brand wants to express the desire to return to a normal life, taking up the 50s / 60s style, a period very dear to the designer, because she dared to seduce, be sensual but classy, to beauty without time limits, to femininity, to the freedom to express one’s personality without fear. This collection takes up the women’s tuxedo, the identity of SARTORIA 74, and presents it once again in a new and different version, with floral and geometric patterns, bright colours and daring mixes.

Article by Federica Macheda

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