Altaroma July 2022: the 5 best independent fashion show

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Rome is once again the stage for independent fashion and emerging brands. The Rome Fashion Week organized by Altaroma has just ended in the name of the new talents of Italian Fashion.

The Altaroma kermesse, that took place from 11th to 15th July, is always one of the most awaited events for lovers of emerging fashion and Made in Italy style. Five days entirely dedicated to the discovery of the most interesting new brands and fashion schools supported by the Altaroma organization, the Rome Chamber of Commerce, the Lazio region and Ice Agency.

the fashion propellant - altaroma july 2022 - Saman Loira
Altaroma july 2022 – Saman Loira

An event that is always interesting for us because it highlights new fashion designers and offers an important showcase to the graduate collections of some the most important Italian fashion schools.

the fashion propellant - altaroma july 2022 - Casa Preti
Altaroma july 2022 – Casa Preti

Over 100 emerging brands, 400 journalists from Italy and from all over the world, 100 buyers, 180 fashion students attended the event. Impressive numbers that make us understand even more the desire for novelty that the public wants from fashion.

Among the various fashion shows we have seen, today we want to present a selection of the most beautiful and innovative collections.


Antonio Martino is a refined Couturier who knows how to play with innovation in an always light and never excessive way, leaving us speechless every time for the amazement created by his Haute Couture inventions.

“No Gravity” is perhaps one of the designer’s most interesting collections because it explores the sartorial possibilities of great fashion classics such as the Blazer and the evening dress.

the fashion propellant - Altaroma july 2022 - Antonio Martino (12)
Altaroma july 2022 – Antonio Martino (12)

The fashion designer gives these garments a great touch of futuristic modernity through unexpected carvings and inserts in metallic leather, large ruffles, drapes and overlays that alter the normal volume of the silhouette as well as the pixel effect 3D applications.

The final result is absolutely magical and brings back to auge a sense of Couture that perhaps we haven’t seen for too long.


Our personal passion for a brand as Casa Preti and for the marked aesthetic and emotional sensitivity of the designer Mattia Piazza and his partner Steve Gallay is no mystery.

We had personally met Mattia at the fair White Show and we were impressed by his spontaneous and exuberant creativity, which is being refined from time to time with each collection.

the fashion propellant - Altaroma july 2022 - Casa Preti (1)
Altaroma july 2022 – Casa Preti

The spring summer collection 2023 entitled “Umane” is no exception. Umane is a new population made of people, both women and men, who believe in another way of understanding the world, who want to make a change of paradigm in search of a value given by absolute beauty and of an almost transcendent truth, worthy of any sacrifice.

We thus find the roses to represent Santa Rita, one of the most important figures of the Sicilian and Palermo Catholic tradition in particular, a woman who sacrificed everything by virtue of a higher morality.

Accompanying the floral decoration are the clean and almost clerical silhouettes of the outfits in black, the tailored garments stolen from the male wardrobe modified in proportions and cuts, the large nineteenth-century volumes of the sleeves and large collars, the fluid metallic fabrics and the touches of acid color, the many little bows that decorate the three-dimensional textures, the reinterpretations of Glamour divas-like dresses.


The designer Caterina Moro always has a gentle and refined way of representing fashion in an artistic and above all sustainable way. For her SS 23 collection, Caterina Moro starts from the emotional investigation of the work of art “Apollo and Daphne” by Antonio Canova preserved in the Borghese Gallery in Rome.

the fashion propellant - Altaroma july 2022 - Caterina Moro (3)
Altaroma july 2022 – Caterina Moro

The main concept of the collection “Metamorphoses” revolves around the transformation, the metamorphosis that transcends genres, nature and bodies in a continuous passage between the natural world and our human world.

For the realization of her collection, the fashion designer wanted to create an interesting network of collaborations between art photography and crafts.

As with the artistic collaboration with the photographer Germano Serafini and the project Macromicro for the photographic prints of natural elements of a flowered meadow in spring revised and transformed through a magnifying glass and an artistic eye.

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the fashion propellant - Altaroma july 2022 - Caterina Moro (14)
Altaroma july 2022 – Caterina Moro

With Swedish artist Carina Sohl, the designer invents an iconic garment like the “Herbarium Waistcoat” made of natural leather with an imprint of wild flowers and herbs. With the engraver Caterina Giannottu, the Roman designer uses flowers as a mold to impress the fabrics with a natural pattern.


Muusa, the brand created by fashion designer Monica Bertini, brings on the catwalk a strong creativity that blends with sustainability.

The collection “DNA” elaborates in a sophisticated way the minimalist style of oriental matrix through a study of the evolution between masculine and feminine, in a game of overlapping that alludes to the existence of parallel dimensions, to a multiverse in which shapes merge and envelop us.

The fabrics are made with certified natural materials and precious yarns such as cashmere, linen and an innovative ultra-thin pure silver yarn with therapeutic properties.

the fashion propellant - altaroma july 2022 - Muusa (5)
Altaroma july 2022 – Muusa

The Italian-French artist Raphael Cattan collaborated to the collection with his minimal graphics printed on wide and ethereal kimonos, while the brand recalls the ancient dyeing tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians with the use of Guado blue, a natural pigment of vegetable origin with beautiful nuances.


Saman Loira, Neapolitan brand founded in 2020, presents its spring summer 2023 collection celebrating a new Romanticism inspired by delicate and graceful mythological figures.

The designer Francesco Corcione, creative soul of the brand, enhances the ethereal and sensual elegance of the female and male body through a game of metamorphosis between the person and nature, the physical and the unreal, between dream and matter.

the fashion propellant - altaroma july 2022 - Saman Loira (4)
Altaroma july 2022 – Saman Loira

The new romantic plays with lightness in the volumes of the garments, in the many ruffles that draw the silhouette, in the precious embroideries of ostrich and rooster feathers, in the encrustations of precious stones and pearls, in the evanescent and impalpable shapes of the fluid fabrics, as well as in the games of transparency and delicate femininity.

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