From Renaissance to catwalk, interview with Federico Del Ristoro

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Luxury, historical references and a pinch of foolishness for the young designer coming from Next Fashion School who showcased his collection at Fashion Graduate Italia.

“Derrynascimento”, graduate collection by Federico Del Ristoro

Some designers discover their love for fashion only after a certain period, others who practically are born under the sewing machine. This is the case of Federico Del Ristoro alias Derry, 23 years old and just graduated at the Next Fashion School in Bologna.

I’ve seen his final collection during the last edition of the Fashion Graduate Italia 2019, being immediately stroke by his self-confidence and by the references to the historical costume of the 16th century mixed to a delicious taste for luxury. So I decided to discover somenthing more about his story and the interesting title of his collection, “Derrynascimento”, asking him an interview.

Federico Del Ristoro

Your interest for fashion design began when you were a child, thanks to your grandmother. What are the best lessons in terms of style she teached to you?

My grandmother has always seen an inclination in me towards this particular job. She taught me everything she learned throughout her career, but the biggest teaching was that this job is fruitful: not in monetary terms, but it’s a job that nurtures your soul everytime you are able to transform an idea you have in mind in something physical, something you can hold and wear, whether it’s a dress, a skirt or a pant. It’s a priceless feeling that fuels the fire we all have inside of us, the one that pushes us towards our dreams. 

“Derrynascimento”, graduate collection by Federico Del Ristoro

And what are the skills you improved attending the Next Fashion School?

Attending the Next Fashion School has not only developed my technical skills, but has also taught me how to pursue with strength and persistence my ideas, and to always treasure outside feedback allowing me to grow as a creator.

What’s fashion for you?

For me fashion has always been a locus amoenus, a place where I could take refuge and escape from insecurities and malice from other people. Fortunately my parents gave me the opportunity to study fashion and now I’m sailing through this world and I’m  looking at new territories discovering both good and bad aspects of it. If I was just a tourist before, now I feel a citizen of this magical world. 

The final collection by Federico Del Ristoro showcased at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 during the fashion show by Next Fashion School

In your graduate collection Renaissance is synonim of rebirth. What’s the concept behind this collection?

When I was approached with the theme I started to reflect on the term itself, reinassance, which refers to a period of rebirth. So I started to imagine a futuristic world where the absence of aesthetics makes everybody fall from hysteria. The population is locked up in centers called ISOS, where they try to regain a sense of beauty, unfortunately in a homologating way. From here a new idea of revolution has born, the DERRYNASCIMENTO, that uses straitjackets as an ornament, freeing everyone. This is the reason my collection is characterized by sleeves. 

The final collection by Federico Del Ristoro showcased at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 during the fashion show by Next Fashion School

On catwalk was the triumph of gold and black? How did you used this two colors and why this choice?

Black and gold for me were the colors which communicated the best the idea of light and shadow. A constant balance that everyone of us need to mantain. It was my personal interpretation of the yin/yang concept. 

The final collection by Federico Del Ristoro showcased at Fashion Graduate Italia 2019 during the fashion show by Next Fashion School

Can you describe better the shapes and volumes seen in your collection?

For the collection I was inspired by the cuts and volumes typical of the renaissance period, bringing them into my own world through accessories and materials. I used damask fabric in memory of the renaissance splendour, the sequin recall the armor of knights and the use of latex was necessary to give everything a touch of aggression and tenacity. I mixed everything and I created my DERRYNASCIMENTO. 

“Derrynascimento”, graduate collection by Federico Del Ristoro

During the last edition of Fashion Graduate Italia we’ve seen many young talented designers. What was the impression of the public and mass media about your collection?

I have to say that all the outside feedback was lovely and very positive. I liked that people really perceived my essence by looking at the collection. For me this was the ultimate goal: I think that every item a designer makes is like an horcrux, because every piece of the collection is created from an idea so intimate that cannot be separated by the creator itself. 

What are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future?! I want to continue to fuel the fire inside me, nurturing myself day by day with my art.

Thank you Derry for this nice chat. I can’t wait to see your next collection!

And to all my readers, welcome in the new edition of The Fashion Propellant! Stay tuned, because very soon we will speak about many other interesting emerging designers, fashion schools and fashion shows.

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