“Amphibia”, at Altaroma Istituto Europeo di Design presents 6 fashion movies inspired by water

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It’s the basis of life. It’s something that we cannot do without, yet we contaminate it especially with the waste products of fashion industry. IED Istituto Europeo di Design continue its commitment in favor of a more sustainable approach to fashion design and during Altaroma presented a series of short fashion movies inspired by water and a contest. 6 young and talented directors and one winner, Simone Folli with his “Gola”.

The jury of the contest “Amphibia” promoted by IED

6 short films realized by the IED‘s students of Milan, Rome and Florence, in a multidisciplinary project that involved young fashion stylists, photographers, fashion editors, sound designers and directors. A long work presented at Altaroma to a jury formed by important fashion insiders like, among the others, Costanza Cavalli Etro (Founder and Director of the “Fashion Film Festival Milano”), Simonetta Gianfelici (Fashion Consultant and Talent Scout, Head of Project “Who Is On Next?”) and Sara Sozzani Maino, (Vice Director Special Projects “Vogue Italia” and Director of “Vogue Talents”).

“More and more frequently the fashion world is using the fashion film as way of communication, able to narrate the values and the trends of a sector in continue evolution…” (IED Amphibia’s promoters)
Behind the scene of the fashion movie “Gola” by Simone Folli, winner of “Amphibia”


Have you ever thought that you are eating plastic every day? It may seems a nonsense, but this is the sad reality of our times, in which the micro-plastics invades the oceans, entering in the food chain of every creature. This is the starting point of the fashion film “Gola” by Simone Folli, who set the scene in the not too distant future in which people and humaoids spend their normal life into a world dominated by plastic. Using the paradox, Simone presents a luxurious set, with rich people in an elegant restaurant indulge with pleasure in an orgy of food. But plastic kills, and this is the sad end of a woman chocked by her greed and stupidity. A very beautiful work and a precious lesson that deserved the first price of this contest.

A scene of the fashion movie “Gola” by Simone Folli, winner of “Amphibia”, made in collaboration with Federico Cimaz, Asia Sbrugera and Pietro Ronzoni

A model in the bathtub, a gold fish in a fish tank, the metaphore of the water movement to represent the sea level rise and the danger that derives from it, between the fragility of both nature and humanity and the hope for a future equilibrium. This is “The Abstract Problem” by Luca Cioffi.

A scene of the fashion movie “The Abstract Problem” by Luca Cioffi, made in collaboration with Lorenzo Balestriere, Edoardo Boccale, Andrea Lamusta, Mathias Marchetti and Francesco Recchioni

For Cristina Stana, author of “Out.Create”, the water is symbol of rebirth, a cradle from which men and women can abandon their constrictive limits to change and evolve, coming up from the water no more nude and defensless, but with a new consciousness and optimism.

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A scene of the fashion movie “Out.Create” by Cristina Stana made in collaboration with Emma Beatrice Lenton, Francesco Recchioni, Mario Rubino and Ginevra Vancini

With her “Petricore”, Sara Rhodio introduces us into the natural environment of a autumnal wood, between the water of a swamp and the color of trees and leaves, recreating the sensation of the humidity’s scent and of a bucolic harmony.

A scene of the fashion movie “Petricore” by Sara Rodhio, made in collaboration with Alessio Ciavarino and Francesco Recchioni

The modern “Venus” is born from the water and a shell of plastic by adapting the mythological story to the current days. As a chrisalis that tries to exit from its wet cocoon, the protagonist of the Pietro Cavallari‘s short movie transforms herself into a new creature.

A scene of the fashion movie “Venus” by Pietro Cavallari, made in collaboration with Valentina Berti, Ludovico Polignano and Stefano Previdi

Inside a humid greenhouse, between ferns and tropical flowers, women and men try to recreate the connection with nature that seems disappeared. In “Crawled Ashore” by Cristiano Naldi, the fabrics are moving into a lush vegetation, the atmosphere is heavy and full of water particle, everything is suspended, up to the final gesture, that reconciles with the nature.

A scene of the fashion movie “Crawled Ashore” by Cristiano Naldi, made in collaboration with Andrea Forlano, Claudio Saracino and Mariano Malinconico

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